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What year did you buy your first 300 series module(s)?
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Author What year did you buy your first 300 series module(s)?
What year did you buy your first 300 series module(s)?

How many modules did you acquire?

How big is your system now?

A picture of your current system would be great!
Wiard 300 series plays a techno set..

Ordered 12 modules in Fall of 2006; received over the subsequent year.
As of this moment I have 23 (auspicious!) of the 300 series plus the 311C controller and two 1200 series joysticks, 10 assorted custom modules in 300 format, and auxilliary modules from Metalbox, Blacet, Bugbrand, MFOS, and Oakley to round out the system.

Y'all have seen pictures already.
Slow riot, care to elaborate on the patch?! Sequantizer heavy I imagine?

Plord, I don't think I have seen pictures! Dare you to show this monstrous beauty you described!
Here she is. The Big Rig (sorry for the blurry phone shot):

And the small auxiliary Source of Thwaplunkness:

The W300 did some super thick drones and the DJs supplied some rhythms. We wanted to try having me play at peak time, but ended up feeling that having drones only wouldn't have maintained the energy in the room. Was a pretty good gig I think!

The Sequantizers were in select mode to get complex chords, and were not clocked.

There was also a complex bass generation patch which I've used a few times. Basically use the triangle wave from a Borg Filter, either straight to master output, or via a VCA. Control it's pitch using complex modulation sources, the Mixolator, and the other LFO in the Borg is how I did it along with the Woggle Bug. The soundsystem in that venue was mainly huge subs and it worked well.
Plord, holy mother of hell! That is absolutely magnificent and epic! Gorgeous looking system and I bet it is a dream to play. I had seen the zeroscillator image somewhere before but not the blue tower of power!

Slow riot, thanks for the patch description and the great patch tips!
Nelson Baboon
first modules? 2 thousand FUCKING 15.

why so long? I'll try to reconstruct. I had never played with one, and back several years ago someone (who had gotten a Buchla) told me that the Wiard just didn't compare and that he didn't like it.

over the years, I've tried different systems, and as systems they all have their strengths and weaknesses. But I found several people that I respect telling me that the Wiard was actually damn cool and sounded great. So, it lurked at the back of my baboon mind....

and then a friend who was strapped financially had to sell his, and (lucky coincidence) my bonus was coming really soon.....

So, I wound up with a 12 module + 2 (old and new) joystick controller system.

I'm so pleased now with my modular setup. I just can't see changing its basic structure. Wiard 300 + Fenix 2/3, with some euro to supplement the Wiard a little. now that Cary is talking about making some additions to the line, I can see adding to it in the future. But the GAS for modular has pretty much left me. This is all just so good. I'll extend the Wiard - that's all I really have the lust for right now.
Started 2007 and built to a 6 module system.

Now it's 12 modules plus the new controller. And also blue noise ring, boogie & borg2.
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