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MANNEQUINS by Whimsical Raps: MANGROVE Formant Oscillator
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Author MANNEQUINS by Whimsical Raps: MANGROVE Formant Oscillator
Dearest Wigglers, may I present a present of presentation...

"MANNEQUINS" by Whimsical Raps
Musical Instruments for the Arrangement of Vivid Colour.

"Mangrove holds the essence of an instrument in the form of an oscillator. Sounds are defined not only by pitch but by spectra. As the earth shakes under foot, a whistle blows on the wind."

30mm depth
$284 USD / $360 AUD
FREE shipping in the US.

Stocked by:
Control (Brooklyn)
Control Voltage (Portland)
London Modular(UK)
This Thing(AUS)

And for your racks:
very squidgy sounds! FMs really nicely. applause
you have my attention.
Leisure Cove
Very interesting! Nice work applause
Looks rad, great intro
nice range of sounds/features
+ the panel design is on point
I really like this.
There is something reminiscent of a Serge quality to the sound.
Yes, amazing sounds. Looking forwards to seeing what else you folks have to offer. thumbs up
Dood freaking glorious! ! Very nice.. applause
So if the quantizing is a big thing with this module, why not give the manual formants control it the bigger knob instead of pitch? If its sweet spots you're after, thats what id like seeing.

Seems like a creative and very playable macro oscillator!
glia wrote:
nice range of sounds/features
+ the panel design is on point

agreed +1 thumbs up
tronabetes wrote:
glia wrote:
nice range of sounds/features
+ the panel design is on point

agreed +1 thumbs up

Agreed. I may have found my next oscillator.
is it digital or analog?
Beautiful! Love the sound. Great design too, has a really unique flow. Sweet demo, I'm always happy to hear melodic examples of new modules instead of atonal screeching or bug noises. Melodic bug ensembles are fine of course. Love the crazy wiggly fm stuff, and the fact that the square out is unaffected by the formant shifting. Seems extremely versatile.
The Serge reference is greatly appreciated – a large influence on the sonic aesthetic of these modules.

The FORMANT control could have been the large knob yes, however when doing pitch division, the BARREL control acts in many ways like a 'Fine' setting for the division. One can definitely 'feel' the FORMANT transitions on the control as the spectrum shifts. Further, 10HP was the design limit set for the panel.

MANGROVE is as analog as 70's-era Buchla.
That's a very interesting piece of technology!
whimsical wrote:

MANGROVE is as analog as 70's-era Buchla.

Does that mean the components are through hole? Would you consider doing a kit?

I dont usually do kits because they are cheaper but just because it is fun to build this stuff myself grin.
This sounds and looks great. And a good price point too. Top job all round.
Think I'll be picking one of these up come the new year.
this will certainly be a centerpiece in our sonic palette. highly recommended! testing this was a treat.
Wow - colour me impressed.. Has this got a bit of Tides about it? Are you located in Australia by chance (Bunyip reference)

So this or the Orgone Accumulator....... Boy Ive got a lot of osc's....
No kits - It's an incredibly deep surface mount endeavour.

Perhaps there are similarities to Tides, however that module is still a waveform generator. I would suggest MANGROVE's spark lies in the decorrelation of waveshape and pitch – that the spectral character remains constant even if the wave changes.

Of course they both have integrated VCAs for the obvious necessities, and can be a self-contained 'voice' if your aim is thriftiness.
Really nice design - seems like a cross between 261e/259 but with a cleaner sound of a Serge NTO.

Love the panel layout.
Nice and clear, greyscale will be proud, and 10hp will please many wigglers.
Being analog will also please many, although I'm not fussy.
Looks like these need to be bought in pairs to get the full effect.

Interested to know what's going on under the hood - I'm guessing, wave shaper, vca, cross fader, quantiser, precision adder, pll?
Is the FM input Linear / Exp?
How does the sync work - hard sync / soft sync?
Little bit confused about the constant wave / constant formant switch - could you explain more? I guess when I read formant, I expect vocal vowel type noises?

This looks like a winner, my only wish would be more wave outputs for flexibility.
I knew I saw something odd in the Earthsea demo video.
Is this done by Trent Gill of galapagoose and monome fame - I see the connection. Longtime admirer of your music.

Interested to know if Ezra Buchla was involved in any way?

Are these shipped from Australia?
Im nearly 100% these are coming from Australia.

So how would these go with an STO pair? I really have been hearing this module in my head all day. Very good sign
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