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Build sketches? Ardcore Expander?
Author Build sketches? Ardcore Expander?
I woukd like to program my own sketches... How do I do that? Where did you learn? What's the language?

So many questions zombie seriously, i just don't get it

I use a lot of sketches from 20 objects and others and I was asking myself :do I need the expander since I have traded my Timetable... I want to buy a gate seq, maybe the triger riot but don't have the funds. Is the expander only for gates or It can send some other stuff?
I learned by knowing how to program already and adapting what I know to the arduino and ardcore environments. Probably not helpful.

There's a lot of material at; if you look over some of that ie at look over the sketches that are in the original repositories and that have been provided here -- see the complete ardcore sketch forum thread it should be a good start.

Lots of sketches are very very easy to create and modify, once you have your head around the basics. And if you have questions, ask them here -- people are very helpful.

The expander is great for gates and triggers, but it's aso got a couple of other in and out ports. I also find it useful to be able to see what's going on with the dac.
I have checked the code in some sketch but did not understand it... Never really did some code... I'll check the arduino forum for shure!
Thanx man!!!
I learned to program with the help
Of looking at code (mainly Darwin's original 15-20
Programs ) , taking it and editing it and seeing
What happened and then cutting and pasting

And I read other Arduinoo code too

All the functions you need to get going are in
The github library

I also got a few good books on C ( many are
Free online!! )

And you don't need the expander to start
Any hints in C books?
I am about halfway through this book which was recommended to me by a friend who makes his living developing embedded processors: dp/1430247762

It's quite readable and even entertaining at times.
Will definitely check that book... Thanx!
While we're here talking about sketches for the Ardcore, what's the maximum usable resolution people have gotten out of the analogue input knobs? I have an idea that would require a full byte of data selection, but I think that might be kind of ambitious.
hangovercat wrote:
While we're here talking about sketches for the Ardcore, what's the maximum usable resolution people have gotten out of the analogue input knobs?

Ardcore (and Arduino) is 10 bit on the input reads, so 0-1023 over 5V. The expander's bipolar outputs offers -1023-1023 if I recall.

The output is 0-256 (8 bit) but for math convenience it looks like Ardcore sets 5V @ 240 instead of 256.
In terms of control I've found it useful to output the pot value to the expander LEDs to see how fiddly dialing in values is. You can always to a coarse/fine setup with the pots.
Thanks for the tips guys. 256 is entirely reasonable resolution as it turns out. I started a new thread for the sketch I was making, which is a pattern generator called "Binary Beats". I scaled the inputs down by a factor of 4 and printed the output to the serial monitor to test. It takes a bit of fine wiggling but you can hit all the values pretty reliably.
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