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mutable instruments clouds
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Author mutable instruments clouds
norbert smith

where are demos of this little bastard ?
There are 3 audios in MI website and noting else ?
I was impressed by modular square presentation (I saw from beginning to debut presentation of elements, missed warp and most elements stuff Dead Banana )
I also saw 10-15 adverts of nutella, nissan and fuckin peugeot.... eek!

For people who have one or tested one, can you speak of it or make a little video before I buy one applause

I should receive one in about a week, I'll try to make a demo as fast as I can.
Here's a little audio demo posted over at the MI forums; eboy-app

Nothing too special though.

I agree that the sounds of Clouds from the presentation were stunning. Can't wait to hear more demos of it.
Paranormal Patroler
Here's a track that has it:
I'll have a full overview video in January, first week of January all been well. This will be a full video in my usual style, but I'll be uploading a "Playing With" style video tomorrow for Clouds which should show you everything pretty much. Watch out here on Muffs I'll post a new thread for the video and try to spread that around as lots of people are asking.
thumbs up
norbert smith
thanks everybody,

very good and inspiring track PP w00t
Is sound source from braids ?

I currently have no MI modules. Clouds will be the first one but I will probably purchase the midi interface to integrate my octatrack and also braids, I can't pass the almost too many timbres.
norbert smith
oups double post, shitty undo navigator hihi
Paranormal Patroler
Sound sources are Braids and Elements. No external audio or any samples used. Additionally no reverbs used other than the on-board reverbs on the modules.

I should've recorder some vocals with Clouds when I had the chance and used that as a demo.
why are there so many dudes here already receiving it in first week of january?
I want one too MY ASS IS BLEEDING ...ASAP Mr. Green

looking forward for furthr demos..espacially for vocal examples
echoplex I've had it for a while (lots of testing, feedback, videos to come etc). My overview video specifically is coming in January due to some additional firmware updates (even more awesome trickery from Olivier) which I'm waiting for.

On a side note ... watch out for the Shelves video coming today thumbs up
this looks like an amazing module! Does anyone know if the audio playback can be reversed, if using with a grain size of 1 second for example then you start to get audio information abotu the loop, so the direction of playback can have a big influence on the character (revers blips vs forwards blips)
aswefallintostatic you could sweep the playback position backwards, instead of forwards. So playing from 1 second back to 0 seconds. So the grains are changing in reverse, as opposed to playback position forwards. Think that will do what you're asking.

Anyway ...

You asked for demos, here's a new thread for my video having some fun with the Peaks Easter Egg mode "Numbers Station" running in. Simple play around with my full overview coming soon.

Is it fair to call this a competitor of Phonogene & Nebulae?
Yes! They both compete for scarce resources such as HP and power.
....and munny
Paranormal Patroler
Matos wrote:
Yes! They both compete for scarce resources such as HP and power.


RIP Demis waah

Tbh I've not played with it too long but first impressions are as follows:

perfect for anyone who err wants the go against the grain in modular. Concrete and all that. I love it. Best esoteric hardware I've owned bar none.


Came preset in spectral mode (which took me a while to figure out. ) probably it's weakest mode.

mode buttons are not that user big hand/finger friendly being just above some knobs.

I'd like to be able to start/stop looper mode.

found a bug changing modes

Conclusion :

Excellent module. Nothing like it. I'd had paid more for more knobs to access other modes/parameters without faffing with two switches - even with more hp doesn't matter.
crazy module love

oh yeah fequency mode is Dead Banana

VCO mode patch :
drive any sound into the input, try with various sources
full wet
density at noon
size texture pitch as you like
sequencer trig into density, you get one grain at each step
quantized voltage into 1v/oct
when you like the sound Freeeeeeeeeeeeeze
position = waveshaper
size = step lenght (you may use a sequencer line)
texture = envelope

check it here :

other videos with various patch :

All are very illustrative, but "Ambiant" is wonderful.
Here's a quick demo of spectral madness mode.

Desc: Spectral madness

MP3-style bitrate reduction and corrupted file glitches. Check. Spectrum warping. Check. Paulstretch-like drones.

Input is Intellijel Shapeshifter doing a stacked ringmod sound into a Sputnik LPG. No additional reverb or delay used. The smaller second section is different. When you start hearing panning, digital glitches, thats from an audio rate osc being put into Clouds' TRIG input. This module is unbelievable cool. I though the regular mode was amazing, but the additional ones, particularly this one I find really blows open the doors of what is possible in euro.

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_use r=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]
davidh wrote:

oh yeah fequency mode is Dead Banana

I thought mine was faulty!!! Took me an hour and a ben_hex vid (thanks mate) to understand it was a feature.
like a faulty mp3 but under control hihi
exper sounds incredible applause
mwvm wrote:
I thought mine was faulty!!! Took me an hour and a ben_hex vid (thanks mate) to understand it was a feature.

It's easy to do!
I put mine into the wrong mode by accident and also had to look at the videos.

Fantastic module!
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