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Newb looking for 'Patching for dummies' kind of thing
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Author Newb looking for 'Patching for dummies' kind of thing
Hello again, I think the problem is in the VCA. Could it be that being linear not receive audio from the OSC? I tried what you told me and fail at first. When I plug the sawtooth to the VCA, don't sounds, only a very weak signal. Only a small knocks when i plug the lfo.
I've bought all these modules DOEPFER a guy and thought it was a good idea to start in the modular world. Maybe I'll have to buy one exponential vca ..What do you think?
I've tried the same patch through the vcf and the adsr works! the problem that the audio signal is continuous, but this I think is due to not pass through the VCA, or not?
Hahaha I need to learn much yet. hmmm.....
As I mentioned, you can use a linear VCA for audio, it's just that it doesn't behave exactly the same. It's the way it responds to the voltages coming into the CV input. Linear responds evenly, meaning that if the input goes up at a steady rate then the output will increase at an even amount. Exponential will increase a little with a lower voltage input but as the voltage increases then the output will happen dramatically. Think of the volume knob on your stereo: if you turn it up at an even speed then the volume will go up evenly but if it was exponential then it would be very quiet as you turn it up and as you near the end of the scale the volume will go up like a rocket. That's how audio works.

Yes, the audio will be continuous if you patch your oscillator into a VCF and not a VCA... assuming that the filter isn't turned all the way down so that it filters out all of the sound.

That's why we have VCAs. They will stop the sound from being on all the time and then when you apply a CV input it will turn up and you'll only have an audible sound when there is a positive voltage applied to the CV input, assuming that the gain knob on the top is turned all the way down.

It sounds like your VCA might be faulty. Did you buy it second hand? Have you tried switching the cables going into it and coming out of it? Have you tried using CV2 input with the knob turned up all the way? And one last thing; you're saying that if you patch a sawtooth into one of the audio inputs and then turn up the input all the way, the gain knob all the way to the right and the output knob all the way up that it still isn't passing audio properly? If that's the case then it sounds like it might be faulty. There was a time when Doepfer was using faulty jacks but that was several years ago... almost ten. If your unit is second hand and it is that old then it might have the faulty jacks.

I'm running out of ideas at this point because it sounds like you're doing everything properly and not getting what you should be getting. Try the above mentioned method of not using any CV's to modulate the VCA and just passing audio through it with everything turned up. It should be as loud as it would be if you were just patching the VCO into the mixer. Let me know, okay?

All the best.
Thanks for your time and explanations Tim, VCA is definitely broken. The audio doesn't pass through the VCA.
Rats! That's too bad. Is it second hand or new? It's probably still under warranty if it's new and if it's used can you contact the seller and let him know that it's broken?
Is second-hand, I've purchased it to a friend but he didn't use it, he had also bought it to someone, in fact it is a module of third or fourth-hand,,,
Has already been too long to claim, should have learned to patch before!!
If your unit has been through that many hands then my guess is it's old enough to have the faulty jacks from about ten or so years ago. It's a really simple fix, you just need to take the old one out and solder in a new one. It will take about ten minutes if you have experience soldering. If you have the nerve, you can always take the module out of the rack and see if anything's loose on the inside. Just make sure the unit isn't powered up, then take a small screw driver and take out the screws that hold it in place. Once you pull it forward you'll find that it's attached to the power supply via a cable with a plug. My experience with Doepfer jacks is that you can probably get it working with a small tweak. See attached diagram courtesy of Wikipedia.
By plugging a cable into the jack you should be able to see if it's making proper contact by touching the metal contacts. If not, you can try putting a little force on the top or shorter one to make so the plug will fit tighter. I've done this many times and although it's not a permanent fix, it can work and get you another half a year, dependant on how screwed up it is. It's not like you're going to be voiding warranty at this point.

If you don't feel comfortable doing this then you'll have to get someone to fix it. You can always try posting a message on this site seeing as there are quite a few people who are tech savvy. Maybe one of them can help you out, although it will probably cost you. See what they have to say. Other than that, I would try to invest in an exponential VCA at some point. You'll still want to have a working linear VCA to use for CVs. Best of luck and let me know how it turns out for you.
One more thing I would suggest would be to contact Doepfer and see if your unit was made during the time when they had jack problems. They'll want to know the serial number found on the back of the unit. If they say that it was made during that time then you're probably going to find more and more jacks failing over time. Cheers.
Rockin' Banana!
Thank you so much for the tips, I have a friend who knows of electronica, I will ask him to take a look.
all the best
Hey, do you have the full 10 chapters? Thanks wrote:

thats pretty good all around...
Adding my thanks for the list of resources. The sample patches in particular will be helpful. The bit about fixing jacks reminded me to take a soldering course.
Many thanks to all who contributed to this - it's a great resource for folks like me.
Great insight.
henrybirdseye wrote:

thats pretty good all around...

I had no idea there were any Angelfire pages still up!
Great post thanks for that ! thumbs up
This post has been a great help into the crazy world of modular synthesis. Does anyone know of some good on-line video tutorials
I'm a "noob" and I've found this series to be helpful: iuiz-3N8HZyf_

I'm sure it's mopngoloid stuff for most of the power users here.

Excellent thread . Working out hot to control Vco gate was driving me up the wall until I came here
Excellent helpful thread, thanks all!
listing all the online docs i could find relating to synthesis, should be something here helpful
Thanks to all who've posted in this thread. Just got 2 semi-modulars (Korg MS20 Desktop & Roland System 1m) and am having trouble understanding what the heck to do with the patch bays d'oh!

I think the most valuable doc for me from this thread is the "Fundamentals of Music Technology The ARP 2600" by Samuel Ecoff. .pdf

Thanks for posting a great resource applause
Great List!!! It's peanut butter jelly time!
we're not worthy thanks for this. now i know where to start.
Should have came here ages ago. With minimal knowledge I sometimes feel I'm in over my head but then I have a flick through some links and ...hello...I've gone off on one again with another patch.
Thanks all.
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