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"drawing" CV ramps in Ableton
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Author "drawing" CV ramps in Ableton
I've been creating pretty basic "ramps" by using a generator in WaveEditor to create very slow LFOs that I can then use for Volta's ramp output. So you get the basic sines and triangles and saws. I think I've seen and read that some DAWs, like Digital Performer, allow one to actually draw waveforms that can be used as ramps. Anyone know what an equivalent to this would be in Live?
I was hoping that the clip envelopes would work, but I can't seem to get it to. My guess is that you can't create an empty dummy clip on an audio track like that.
I'd also hoped that I could record CV from my modular to use here. But while Volta can't do that -- supposedly because of the hardware, Silent Way can, which makes me wonder if it's really a hardware limitation.
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