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nw2s::b SequentialGate V1.0
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Author nw2s::b SequentialGate V1.0

I'm working on a b device, it's a sequential gate.
It can work as
- 4 inputs to 1 output
- 1 input to 4 outputs

How it's work ?

(I know, mad photoshop skillz).
This is the "4 to 1" instance.

Red : input :

4 CVs signals (between 0 and 5 v).
It's not work well with audio rate signal.
I think it could be nice if you like chiptune music or distorted stuff.

Blue : output :
1 of the CVs input, according to a clocked sequencer

Orange : clock input :
You can plug a module for sending triggers or you can simulate a clock tick with the switch. Each time the b get a tick :
- the next input CV stream is copy to the output (1,2,3,4 / 1,2,3,4 / ...)
- a trigger is shot on the Brown output
- the corresponding gate (Purple) is ON (1,2,3,4 / 1,2,3,4 / ...)
- the clock can't go super fast, be gentle.

Brown: Tigger output:
A trigger is shot when the sequencer reach an active step.

Pink : Reset :
When a trigg is sent to the reset input the sequencer will go to the first step (number 1) after the next clock tick

Purple: Step gate:
It's "HIGH" according to the step played.
Tips : You can connect this output to the reset input to get a shorter sequence (3 steps, 2 steps or just 1 step)

Green: mute a step :
When a step is muted :
- The input is not copy to the output, you get 0v
- the trigger is not shot
As the other input, you can use switchs or control it with another module.

The "1 to 4" version work in the same way.
There is one input (red) and it's copy on 4 output step (blue).

This prototype seems working, so you can try it !
You have to rename the source with a .ino
Very nice! Thanks for this. It's the first CV-in CV-out sketch for the most part. I'll take a look and see if I can help you get it into the framework and even have a JSON version.
Thanks for this! Great to see more devices coming up!
Looking forward to trying it.
Thanks !

Yes, a "code review" could be sweet.
I'm working on some improvement.

I had a "random step" feature.
The radom-rate is driven by an analogue input.
I think it's like the Probability Drum Trigger Sequencer.
do you have any examples of this in action?
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