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Going High?
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Author Going High?
What exactly does going "high" mean when the coupler goes high?
.... and of course I'm asking about the SSG. Perhaps a better phrasing of the question is what do YOU do with the coupler when it's high and how do you make the voltage of the top or bottom be higher than the other? Thanks!
dr.jasoncrest wrote:
.... and of course I'm asking about the SSG.

I don't think that was apparent at all. You'll get a lot more feedback if you put "SSG" in your title.

According to my feeble memory, the coupler presents a positive voltage (10v gate, I think?) when the stepped output is greater than the smooth output and a negative voltage (-10v, watch those, possibly attenuate) when the smooth output is greater than the stepped output. The sections of the SSG provide cyclical voltages (both . . . smooth and stepped Mr. Green). You "make" them high when they go high. Play with the rate knobs to control the frequency.

The SSG is of course the Smooth and Stepped Generator module. It consists of two sub-modules, the top being the Smooth section, the bottom is the Stepped section. The outputs are tied together with a comparator at the CUPL. jack - this gives a HIGH if the smooth output is greater and a LOW if it isn't. *** CAUTION *** HIGH at CUPL is ~ 10VDC, LOW is ~ -10VDC. This is fine for use as a trigger but be careful when using it as a control voltage.... you won't hurt the Serge but if you're using it to control a VCA for example you may destroy your speakers and bring plaster raining down on your head from shattered walls.

Correction: The COUPLER goes HIGH if the STEPPED OUT voltage is greater than SMOOTH OUT. The catalog sheds no light on this but that's what my measurements say.

My confusion lied in the definition of the term "greater." I've not gone near the coupler for fear of blowing my brains out and I wasn't sure what "greater" mean specifically.
...and I wasn't sure what "greater" mean specifically.

And you call yourself a doctor? hihi

But seriously, it simply means that if the output voltage of the smooth output is greater the coupler output is high. Greater in terms of the voltage in all it's bipolar wonderfulness. In other words +2 volts is 12 volts greater than -10 volts. N'est-ce pas?
I'm not really a doctor. I just play one on the interwebs.
This is, essentially, what I assumed "greater" meant but I figured it could be more complex than that. Thanks for the clarification.
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