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New Addac Goodness 2015
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Author New Addac Goodness 2015
Looks like some new modules plus an update of the complex random are on its way! SlayerBadger!

It also seems that everything is slowly starting to become red, except for the legacy stuff... Looks like gold is being phased out? I personally like the black and red most anyways. applause
Probabilistic generator WITH SWING!!!?

Cool! Whats new in complex random? was thinking of getting one.
wish we could get more of the ADDAC 502 Lissajous Curves and Expansion (502B) before releasing new products waah waah

eek! eek! eek! eek! eek! love love love love we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy [/img]
Holy fuuuck eek! Dead Banana

Gotta be careful what you wish for, I was thinking they miss an envelope all the time...
505 EG looks bad ass.. I am ready to order!! Dono-Kun Dance Dono-Kun Dance
methodius wrote:
Cool! Whats new in complex random? was thinking of getting one.

By the looks of it: A fourth channel!
I'm wondering what "sustain time" is though hihi lol
Flo, without talking to André, this doesn't seem be be an ADSR in the normal sense. But more a 4 stage envelope in the vain of digital implementations, like he did in the VCC for example. The start point of the stage can be set freely, time tells how long it needs to the start point of the next stage and shape provides the response. If you set S start =R start and shape to linear, it should resemble a classic ADSR.

What i do not get about this module: how to you page between the 4 envelopes? Seems to me all 4 will use the same settings but can be triggered separately. Only makes sense in a 4 Poly setup.
Hey mate! Good to "see" you! smile

Yeah, but sustain is still not a "time" parameter, right? Looks like a printing mistake to me. It was a tongue-in-cheek remark anyways.

I was really wondering about how to page between them too though. Good point.

Cheers! Guinness ftw!
Yeah, it has been a while... real life interfered 2014 with modular time and mood ... 2015 will be better Guinness ftw! nanners

Flo, you have to let loose from the classic gated ADSR concept. smile
See it like 4 stages, where start point can be set freely.
And i bet it's designed for 1 shot using triggers only and not to follow gates. A clue are the trigger ins, no mention of gates anywhere. I'm sure it is no typo, but the 4 stages are designed to have the same controls. This implementation doesn't work well following gate signals. On top i guess the release stage will not drop to 0, as this would make trouble when cycling. As there would be an intermediate stage or jump between R and A. I think it would be much clearer if he would have called the stages 1,2,3,4 in place of ADSR, what leads to the wrong assumption this is a "normal" gated ADSR envelope.

the VCC came with this kind of envelopes and i had to bugger André to get gate following ones. But i never really managed to get them work as i wished for multiple reasons.

EDIT: i overlooked the mode switches Gate/Trig/Loop.
So André may have implemented a proper solution here to make the Envelope follow a gate. My experience with this type of envelopes from Addac is from 4 years ago...
And if this solution is software based and not hardware, then i want it released for the VCC as well we're not worthy help
ADDAC System

Here's a new picture for this panel!

Let me already mention that this is a digital based module but extremely different from all our previous modules. This module is based on a new ARM 32bit micro controller running at 168Mhz, in practive about 20x faster than our previous modules, so a huge improvement hardware wise.
Also all CV outputs are 16 bit resolution and all CV inputs sampled at 12bit.

And some explanations:
First with the GATE/TRIG/LOOP switches each voice can be set independently to behave as a standard gated ADSR, a one shot triggered envelope or in a loop. All these work in either AD or ADSR mode.
In loop mode the trigger input sets the envelope total time clock, it can run up to a frequency of 1000Hz which allows to track a squarewave from a VCO becoming a dynamic 4 voice 4 point "wavetable" VCO.
Clock All input can be used to clock all voices to the same source.
There's a bit more technical info about this that i'll go through in more detail later on.

Bjorn is right describing it as a 4 point trapeze generator instead of a standard ADSR, where and adsr always starts and end at 0V, main difference is that in the 505 the ATK. START VOLTAGE pot allows to set this to any voltage (0 +5v or -5v +5v).

Also those 8 switches marked EOD/1->2/EOC … and EOD/1<-4/EOC ... are internal retriggers, it can retrigger forward or backward 1->2, 4<-1 … so 1 triggers 2 or 1 triggers 4 and so on… this trigger can be set to happen at 2 moments, switch left and it will trigger at the End Of Decay (EOD) switch right for End of Cycle (EOC), centre position for no internal retrigger.

Allow me a bit more time to explain the inner workings of the Hold buttons which have several features like setting different pot settings for each voice independently and a morphing mode between previous and new settings (my favorite!). But will describe this in more detail later, full prototype is running on my desk right now, if all goes we'll be shipping the first units in a few weeks!

for pre-orders drop us an email!
Early birds price 380€

all the very best

Ah, you mean like a DX7 or D50 envelope, and the "ADSR" would be the times, while the "Start Voltage" would be the levels. That would make sense. And the labelling was kept to be accurate for the gate mode or something like that... I guess we'll know soonish.

Edit: And sooner than thought it looks! thumbs up It's motherfucking bacon yo
nanners It's motherfucking bacon yo Dead Banana
Yeah finally ARM based, it was time for this step!

Aha, the magic is hidden behind the hold buttons. d'oh!
So now that i know that paging is possible and these are not common controls for all 4 ENVs i'm getting exited.
And the morph function sounds promising as well.

380 with or without VAT? If the module holds up to what you explained, i'll probably get one. It does what i always wanted from the VCC, didn't really mange to get it to work the way i wanted. The module would be perfect for my sound design studio rack, already half filled with red, gold and blue wink
wow this looks incredible! I think it is a really really good decision to switch to the ARM processor, if the VCC is gonna be ARM equipped in the future, I might get one eventually lol

EDIT: the eg att. pack looks interesting, is it a commonly controlled four channel vca?

The VCC is discontinued, there's also no plans to release such module with the ARM processor, ARM developing platforms are not exactly designed for enthusiasts, if Arduino coding was already complex for some users ARM coding would be undecipherable for most.

The EG. attenuation pack is basically what you describe, 4 vcas with common controls including an offset specially useful for cv.

all the very best
André, i know ARM based VCC would result in something different.
I'll get back to you on this in private.
So what's the status of availability on some of the highlighted above??:


I'm namely thinking about the 501 right now.....
Paranormal Patroler

YESH!!! angry cry angry cry SlayerBadger!

ah! lovely! we're not worthy
Paranormal Patroler
Very eager to check it out love love
Paranormal Patroler
How much HP is the 505 ? I've been looking for a quad ADSR and might be inclined to get this if the early-bird opportunity is still at large hihi
Modulargrid says 28hp, sounds about right I'd say.
flo wrote:
Modulargrid says 28hp, sounds about right I'd say.

it is wink
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