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Fans and PSUs
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Author Fans and PSUs
Greetings, I feel kind of dumb asking this question but I figured that I'll see what other builders say. Plus, I figured it might be helpful to some others.

I'm installing a small computer fan to help cool an undersized heat sink on an old PSU. It's in an old keyboard (the EPS 16+) which is notorious for this heat problem. The question is which direction should I point the fan? Should I point the fan inward to blow cool air onto the board or point the fan away from the unit as to remove the hot air from the area?
The industry standard is usually to pull air out so you aren't sucking in new dust. Though I would guess certain circumstances might be exceptions.
Are you mounting the fan in an opening in the case? If so, have it blow inward. That way you can easily add an air filter over the opening. And it will keep the case pressurized and tend to keep dust from entering other case openings and gaps.
cornutt wrote:
Are you mounting the fan in an opening in the case?

Yeah, the fan will be inside the case. I was thinking of even drilling some extra, strategically placed, holes in the case so that the air would more freely circulate..
... Thanks, I mounted the fan so it draws air away from the board.

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