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Battery Acid CV Euro Panel
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Author Battery Acid CV Euro Panel
Anyone know where I could get hold of a Euro panel for this? I'm too lazy (and time-poor, unfortunately) to design my own, at the moment.

i just laid one out and am going to make one with ponoko. if it works out, i can let you know.
this is my 16HP layout attached i built last summer.
not perfect but not to bad hihi
can post picture later...

edit: uuups, misunderstood this thread - this is not a Panel offer - sorry for offtopic
I ended up making one with a bit of 2mm carbon fibre sheet that I had sitting around. If you like the layout, I can upload it to ponoko and you can order it with the material you would like. d-cv-carbon-fiber-sexy-black-dress-faceplate
If you like the layout, I can upload it to ponoko and you can order it with the material you would like.

@frankaponte... Cool layout! Can you upload it to ponoko and also direct me to the file... n00b here... help
Sure thing! Sorry, I haven't been on in a while. I'll have a chance to do it this weekend. I'll post a link when it's done.
hey guys, sorry it has taken me so long to get this updated. for whatever reason, i have not been able to upload pictures to the ponoko "showroom" but haven't had any trouble uploading the cut/engrave files and making parts. so until i came make some and build up some stock, i can have some made when i place my next order for whatever cost actually is (sort of like a mini group buy) - probably in the neighborhood of $5 plus postage. you can look at the avaiable materials here:
I might actually jump on that if you're still planning on getting some extras made. Not sure how much sense that makes to europe, though - was gonna finally pick up the PCB&Parts, been longing for a BatteryAcid for a while. The CF one you've got is pretty awesome lookin', but really anything will do. Purple tint acrylic actually looks interesting...
i ordered 4 of each of the following colors (3mm acrylic):
- black matte
- purple
- gold mirror
- blue

I should have them today and will put them up on my storenvy shop.
frankaponte nels/products/13701867-eurorack-panel-for-hexinverter-net-batteryacid- cv

looks like they shorted me the blue panles, but i have the rest. i will get some paint on the black and purple panels and update those pictures tomorrow.
Matte Black, Purple, and Gold Mirror

I made it with Lego.
VCNoize aswell.

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