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A Very Sad Day…
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Author A Very Sad Day…
As much as it pains me to say it, I have found myself no alternative but to sell my Buchla 200e. I have tried desperately to reconfigure and save the system, but it seems that this will not be an option.

I am not exactly sure how I should go about selling such an item. I could separate the system and auction off the parts, but my first choice would be to sell everything together.

EBay and PayPal are not the friendliest ways to sell, but arguably to easiest.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

- 201e-18 w/ case; 291e, 227e, 266e, 281e, 292e, 210e, 225e, 256e, 261e, 250e, 261e, 259e -
Wow, I am very sorry to hear this. waah
bummer. if i had a lot more than $14 to my name i would buy it from you, hahaha.
awwwwww...i'm sorry! waah
eek! waah

So sorry to hear that, it's a beautiful synth!

I guess it depends on how immeadiate your financial needs are, but I'm guessing fairly immeadiate. Selling it in peices may get you some cash quicker but you could miss out on selling the whole thing to someone looking for a big Buchla. You might try selling it whole for a week and promoting it heavily in the synth forums and then part it out the following week. I'm guessing if you want collectors prices, you'll have to wait a long time but if you are willing to take a small loss on it you could move it fairly quickly.

Best of luck!
There seems to be an uptick in starter system interest recently. You might consider breaking out the core for a starter system (without a rack), offer a little discount to tempt the poor bastards smile
sorry to hear it waah

i had to sell a bunch of stuff in the past year to stay "cash neutral" so to speak and i feel your pain.

i hope you find other ways to make music and be creative.
I may need to separate the system, (I've already had quite a few inquiries for modules).

It's not really a state of emergency at the moment , but more like the acceptance of things.

There is always the possibility holding on to just a handful of modules, but right now I am going to try to let go and see what happens...
money bags
did you just get this system?
I have been building the system over the past 9 months...
I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't know what to say that wouldn't come off as being trite I know how I'd feel if I had to sell mine and if that's any yardstick to how you feel right now then that's pretty bad. Hug
I am so enthusiastic with my new Machine... i feel sad for you.
I guess selling it here would be an appropritate and friendlier option .

How much would you ask for this system ?
I haven't determined a price for the whole system yet.

Everything is still quite new and I would like to sell it as such.

Yet I realize that it may be difficult to find a buyer with the necessary funds.

Anyone who is serious about purchasing the system should contact me privately... thumbs up
i can't imagine having to get rid of my system, and as such i want you to know my deepest sympathies waah
i hope that this is only temporary and you can keep it in the end.
Sell the car! waah .. seriously, good luck and here is to a smooth deal Guinness ftw!
sent you some email with some offers...
i'd suggest selling it here then the 200e group, offer Paypal knowing you're going to take a slight hit with a couple percent. ship on cleared funds to people you don't know. if you knock 10% off of list, they'll probably sell pretty fast.

on one hand i'm sorry to hear you lose a rad system, on the other hand i'd jump right into DIY & start customizing stuff.

sad banana


It's peanut butter jelly time!


Bummer. Sorry it had to happen.
Man that is a killer Modular. If I had the funds I'd make an offer.
That's too bad, good luck with the sale. It's not all bad, you had some time spent with arguably the most esoteric modular system on the planet - that is still being manufactured today. If you happen across the funds again in the future, all it would cost is a short wait. All the best.
That sucks! If I too had the funds, you'd already have PMs for a few modules.

Parting it out would likely be the best option. It's likely you won't have much trouble offloading the case too.

Once everything settles down, I'm sure I will be placing another order with Don... thumbs up
ex_dead_teenager wrote:
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Um, its just a piece of hardware he's selling. He's not mourning a dead puppy. hihi hmmm.....

If you have to sell, you couldn't have picked a better time. Given the recent price increase, you should be able to at least get what you paid for the system, if not slightly more, even if you offer a discount. Seems like a win-win for the buyer and seller both, and the modules are easily replaceable if you change your mind down the road. I think selling your system to avoid a financial problem is a smart and rational move. I wish you the best in taking care your situation.

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