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Borg filter
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Author Borg filter
Karl Jeffers
How close is the borg filter to the MS-20 filter?
I know how both the MS-10 and MS-20 sound, because a close friend has both.
Muff Wiggler
no idea - i don't have any firsthand experience with the fabled MS-20

According to Wiard, the Borg is a cross between the Buchla LPG and the Korg MS-20. Borg is vactrol based, like a LPG, and unlike an MS20. Borg is really screamey in the treble range, unlike (I assume) an LPG, and like (I assume) an MS-20.
i just put the ms-20 (lowpass only) next to the borg2 frac filter, and to me there is not much of a comparison, particularly in the upper ranges when the filter is near or just at self oscillation. the borg2 screams in a piercing way--the ms20 has a more ripped up sound that moves with the oscillators as the frequency sweeps.

i did recently build a filter that, at certain settings, reminds me a lot of the ms-20...its called the 'threeler'...
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