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Moog Modulars are Back !!
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Author Moog Modulars are Back !!
From the Moog website:

The dedicated nature of the Moog modular rebuilding process is such that the units will come in extremely limited quantities. There will be 55 units of the System 55, priced at $35,000 per instrument; 35 of units of the System 35, priced at $22,000 per instrument; and 150 units of the Model 15, priced at $10,000 per instrument.

Alongside these Moog Modular Systems will be the Sequencer Complement B Expansion Cabinet, a dual 960 Sequential Controller, an accompaniment to the System 35 and System 55, that has been out of production for over 30 years– as well as an optional 5-Octave duo phonic keyboard.

- Any takers?? (I wouldn't mind picking up a optional 5-Octave duo phonic keyboard.)

Holy shit. ds

Wish I had 35K. Might have to sell the car...
I dunno.

I'm sure they sound balls out amazing, but $10,000 for a Model 15???

I basically ordered the Model 15 plus 2 more oscillators, 2 more filters and 2 Kobol VCO's from seb over at Mos-Lab for about $7,000. I don't know how they will compare in terms of sound, but I'm happy.

BTW, anybody know if Mos-Lab,, COTK and the other companies who emulate the Moog Modular stuff have to stop producing because of licensing now? I would guess not, but I don't know how this works.
Prefab only: looks to me like they still try to avoid the modern modular power situation like the plague...
brb selling kidney(s)
really though, all of these systems are probably out of reach for me right now, so I hope this is a sign of the direction they are moving, and that less limited production runs are coming in the future. It probably depends on how quickly these sell, but I doubt that will be an issue.
Great move from Moog w00t Going back to their roots. Just a few made and on order, so not really taking a great risk. I'm sure they will sell.

Personally I'm happy with my dotcom. Moog is simply out of my price range.
This announcement has absolutely zero meaning to me! Somebody let me know when they come to their senses and start selling the modules by themselves. applause
Individual modules means giving up control over power... Won't happen I guess.
Just placed my order for the System 15.
Gringo Starr
It looks like they're doing limited runs and calling it a day. Maybe that's how they're trying to justify the price to everyone.
congrats man! any info on ship date?
Sell the car! Sell the house! Sell the wife and kids!

Er, ... hang on a minute.

Complete modular systems only? Doesn't make 'em particularly modular, does it?

I suppose it's a start. ... An effing good start. ... A freaking awesome start!

But, ... I can't afford 35 hundred, let alone 35 grand.

I'm gonna wait until they bring out a Eurorack version of the Moog System 55 next year.*

* pure speculation, but kinda hoping.
DonaldCrunk wrote:
congrats man! any info on ship date?

Thanks! No concrete info on ship date yet, but the folks I ordered it through (36 month 0% financing is the only way I could make it happen) said that over the next 18 months they'll be shipping. I hope I'm in early so I don't have to wait a million years for it.

Gotta pray that it'll be here for AHMW if not Knobcon.
What are your experiences with the likes of Mos-Lab,, COTK, etc. who make modules of similar design, etc.?

I'm just curious as to what it was that really sold you on pulling the trigger on this system?

BTW, Congratulations!!! Best of luck with it and hoping you get it soon. w00t w00t w00t w00t w00t
Adminius wrote:
Complete modular systems only? Doesn't make 'em particularly modular, does it?

My thoughts exactly.

They look gorgeous, and Moog is quality stuff, but at 3x to 4x the price of other 5U, I'll have to pass.
Going to my bank tomorrow.

It's a nice video on the Moog page, but it bothers me that they're all talking like modular synthesis has not been available since 1970 or something. Yes, I know it is about Moog. But still... And with a $10,000 price tag for a 15-piece lol... just a reminder what a blessing is.
Apparently most of the 35s are (pre)sold already ?
( so ive read)

This will be a boom for Mos-Lab and
The plus in this is that buchla and serge are no longer expensive thumbs up
If I had the wonga I'd be right in there with an order...its a Moog Modular, no other explanation needed. I was worried at first that they were going to sell individual modules and I'd have to buy something. MY ASS IS BLEEDING

I guess .com/COTK/MOS-LAB might have been a bit concerned for a minute too, but I doubt Moog will start making affordable individual modules any time soon - I think they only ever made systems.

astroschnautzer wrote:
The plus in this is that buchla and serge are no longer expensive thumbs up

No kidding.

For the cost of this:

you could get two of these:

and one of these:

and still have enough money for two tickets to Hawaii..
If It had been Dotcom or COTK or Modcan or some other company that was first and then went out of modular production for decades instead of Moog, we would all be singing the praises of that company's "that sound" and wishing they would start producing modulars again so we could take out a second mortgage and buy one. Seriously, there are so many 5U module makers around now that make stuff that's built just as well and sounds just as good, and at a reasonable price.
The only module there of interest is the Moog filter and that has been cloned so many times that it isn't relevant anymore. All the other modules are bread and butter modules, no new topologies or designs. This is for collectors or people who already have a big Moog and want to expand it or synthesizer EDM guys or people with money to burn . For the cash they are bouncing around for these systems, you could probably get a hell of a 5U rig or a monster Eurorack. With the clone people copying the circuit exactly nowadays, the only thing you are buying with these systems is the logo.

I am sure they just got asked SO many times about it when showing the Emerson Moog all over, and looking at the parts they had left over from building it, the $$$ was too much of a thing to ignore.
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