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Questions about the step sequencer (prospect buyer)
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Author Questions about the step sequencer (prospect buyer)
I can't stand setting up the arpeggiator in Logic. I wish Volta had a dedicated one. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could clarify (or confirm) a few things for me about the step sequencer

1) Can the step sequencer transpose?

2) Can you reduce the number of steps to whatever I want?

3) Can it be quantized (or not)?

4) Is it gated? If I let let go of a note on the keyboard, does it stop?

5) Can I control the amount of gate for each step (so that I can create accents and such)?

6) Does it re-trigger to step 1 when I press a key again or does it continue from where I stopped? Do I have an option?

7) Can the values of each step be mapped to an external fader box (very important to me)?

I can hit some of these.

1) Yes, you can set up a step seq on, say, output 3, have it set for whole notes and run it to the second CV in of your VCO, and it will transpose. I've not tried to control it much, but it works.

2) Yes, I just had a patch going with six step sequencers. Each at different periods (sixteenths, eights, whole) and each a different number of steps.

3) I'm not sure if it can NOT be. As you raise the sliders up and down, notes show up in a little window. There are three or four settings of octave range, and it "full" you get numbers rather than notes. This may be unquantized. Not sure.

4) Never played it with a keyboard. But from what I've seen, the thing never stops. You'd probably have to rely on your gate to your VCA or envelope to quiet it down. There might be an issue with retriggering the step sequencer as I recall having an problem where I wanted to reset with each note played on Ableton's sequencer, but it didn't recognize the gate. Again, i don't know. Hm.

5) Well again, it depends on what it's connected to on your modular as far as accents. If you have a step sequencer in Volta running to a CV in on a VCA or a voltage controlled mixer, I guess you could get accents. Or if you used a mult. But no, the answer is you can't control the width of the gates individually. That would be pretty great.

6) See #4. I can't get it to do that when I play it with the Ableton sequencer. I feel like it should, so maybe I'm missing something.

7) As far as I know, no MIDI control over Volta yet.

Just for the hell of it I'll tell ya, if you hook up Volta with Numerology, you can do everything you're asking for a mere $119 more. If you're really wanting to control your modular with a step sequencer, Numerology is the shit and Volta becomes just a way to get the Numerology happiness to where you want it. Of course you can try Silent Way as well. Good luck.
Thank you for answering!

What I meant with question 1 was transposing notes like an arpeggiator transposes when you press a different key on the keyboard...

I write regular pop music with a keyboard. So the no transposition, no gating (star/stop the sequencer and individual steps) and no MIDI control are killers for me right now. I'll check out Numerology for these features though.

The other problem now is that with Numeroloy, Volta, MOTU Ultralite, MIDI Fader Box, special cables (where do you get them anyway?). This is now competing with a hardware analogue sequencer I was considering buying...

I wish I had money to buy a hardware sequencer and the Volta setup... :(
Well... Hm. Let me think on this. You press the keyboard and the Note/CV plays the note you want. If you wanted that to arpeggiate (am I understanding this correctly?) I suppose you would have a step sequencer hit CV2 on your VCO. Or the other way around maybe -- the arpeggiating sequence to CV1 on the VCO and your transposing keyboard to CV2. But I see what you mean that you'd need it to reset with each key pressed. What I know of Volta doesn't reach that.

But again, Numerology loves you.

I have Numerology and Volta, as well as plenty of funny sequencers in Reaktor. But I still bought a MFB Seq02 to use away from the computer. I don't use a keyboard much, as I said. But I've just found so many other ways to play it.
I was wondering if anybody have made any of these suggestions to MOTU yet.

Do you guys know where can I submit these suggestions?

Have they mentioned a new version of the software at all?
Man-Machine wrote:
I was wondering if anybody have made any of these suggestions to MOTU yet.

Do you guys know where can I submit these suggestions?

Have they mentioned a new version of the software at all?

Here's the closest thing I know:

I'm pretty sure that Stretta was one of the developers of Volta, or the developer, and he's a Wiggler. Not sure about updates. Hopefully. What I recommend is to use the step sequencers and whatnot as modulation thingies, and rely on Logic/Live/Numerology for the important stuff, and send those signals through Volta. I use the arpeggiator in Live which works pretty swell with Volta. And then I might use a trigger or gate seq in Volta to add velocity-style accents on the VCA or modulate cutoffs on the modular.

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