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Updated Shot Of The EURO Rack Moving Forward!
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Author Updated Shot Of The EURO Rack Moving Forward!
Here is ma baby so far!! Let's keep our fingers crossed we'll see an AFG in there on the top in a few weeks. I'm still pretty sure I"m going to try and snag a Cyndustries ZO at the end of summer. I just keep thinking tho... 1000 dollars for a LOL.

Muff Wiggler
fuck man what do i have to trade you for that Tyme Sefari?
You couldn't trade me a buchla 200e for that sefari. Bold statement but.... that fucker is going NOWHERE! I'm thinking about getting a second one. lol. smile
Roycie Roller
Seriously, how do reckon it'd be having two?
I got one coming up & can't wait to sample audio eg. piano or whatever and feed that through envelopes and stuff.
Like, you could have a sample of a dog bark on the sefari & there's your 'dog bark oscillator' for the modular.
Two sefaris and you have two different voices.
Also i was wondering if you guys know what would be a good way to track/follow a sound (eg. a loop on the sefari) with an oscillator but have the oscillator slightly slewing & slightly out of tune from the sound it's tracking/following? What modules would i need to achieve this?
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