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KRK Rokit 5... auto power off?
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Author KRK Rokit 5... auto power off?
I have a pair of KRK Rokit 5s that I have had for a while, but been bound to headphones so have not used too much. Non of the documentation seems to say this but they seem to have an auto power off?!?

If there is no signal or a very low signal for about 5 min they go quiet, and will not start making sound until they receive a loud-ish signal. Obviously I don't like this as I make plenty of quiet music / high dynamic range music. Anyone else using these and know how to disable it??

Which version, I had the mk 1 ROKIT 6, no auto power off with those, but I used have it on some Truths years ago, driver me batshit crazy.
Powered 5, "AMPK00071"

I am really surprised by it, seems like a horrible feature. And the documentation says NOTHING. angry
that doesn't sound KRK rokit 5 G2 don't do that
agree that doesn't sound right, mine had no such 'feature'.
tuj wrote:
agree that doesn't sound right, mine had no such 'feature'.

I've put in a message to KRK (gibson) and I'll see what comes of it. Glad to know that this is not supposed to be happening, BUT it happens with both of the 2 I own.
Sounds to me like some sort of fault in the input section of the monitor where if it's not receiving constant signal above a certain voltage there is a ground issue. I believe I had a client who had the same issue and it turned out to be a capacitor that went a bit too early, but unfortunately he was out of warranty so he just ended up buying a new speaker, and ultimately went with a different brand. As a frequent gear buyer and former gear seller, KRK did not have the greatest customer service to deal with, so something to keep in mind.
Well, apparently it is a "feature," The word from KRK / Gibson:

Thanks for your inquiry. Sorry, the auto-standy feature is not defeatable.

We have had a few reports of the auto-standby feature engaging while music is playing at a relatively low volume. The solution may lie in reducing the input volume on the back of the monitor while turning up the audio source slightly to keep the input level above the auto-shutoff threshold.

Our engineers recommend setting the monitor’s volume control to the ‘0dB’ position and raising the output level at the source. This means the RPG3 is not attenuating or adding any gain, which should prevent the unit from ‘falling asleep’ while music is playing.

All that should be required to ‘awaken’ the monitor is to play music for a second or so at a moderate volume.

Thanks again for contacting Gibson Customer Service, and best regards always.
Yes my rokit 5 mk3's do also. I haven't had them turn off on me, though there will sometimes be a lag firing back up for a second or two.

I like this about them, saves energy, hasn't been a negative in any way personally. seriously, i just don't get it
I see we have similar taste in avatars. hihi
suboptimal wrote:
I see we have similar taste in avatars. hihi

How do you know I am not just a 2 foot tall balding homunculus?
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