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L10, My personal PCB format
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Author L10, My personal PCB format

I'm Jordi and my nick name is autocet, from Barcelona (Spain)

For years I make my personal way of PCB 100x40, based in a quarter of eurocard 100x160. Or half, or three quarters...

My idea is to continue developing as these PCBs to compose modules EURORACK
If someone likes the idea, I invite you to use this format to share designs, with no restrictions like open hardware and DIY.

These restrictions are:

for assembling with spacers used as power bus

Or this other restrictions:

For batery assembling over cupper bars. (for instance)

I offer a lot of ideas:

from a form associated instrumentation for desktop,

to a crazy way to make a CubeSat,

Since I use this format I have not never thrown away any more pcb

It could be someone interested in going along?

thanks for your answers
Modular modulars?
Hi Jordi, welcome!

Very cool ideas. You may want to move this post to the DIY forum. The cats over there should find this very interesting.
lintfresh wrote:
Hi Jordi, welcome!

Very cool ideas. You may want to move this post to the DIY forum. The cats over there should find this very interesting.

I think maybe you're right, d'oh!
but I would not stay quietly waiting for the bus. We can continue the thread here. hihi
I think it is better that a moderator will take the crane and transport us to diy

is this possible? hyper
It is not just a matter of being organized as who ordered room or kitchen utensils, the electronics does not forgive, as time goes on you realize that you often repeated the same power supply circuit, the amplifier than did a year ago than nothing is changed with the previous, you tried again but this time, passing tracks, do you remember how much it cost you, and you ends up wasting time looking for that circuit to copy directly instead to forget the torture of router.

Now, with artwork software for pcb and personal computers is easier to store information and do not need to start each time from scratch. We are talking about the cloud revolution and I think what I have done can serves to others, and if it is useful to others, they will not only will serve, they also create new ones and I go out benefited from the community.

And indeed, I have not invented anything, my format is a quarter of the Eurocard.

What do you think?, In which cloud could hang it?
mt3 wrote:
Modular modulars?

Yes, more or less... I think

A patch inter modules is a style music composition, and a patch inter PCB is a simple electronic composition. I think this is not an advantage in music, is a experimental form for electronic music from the own electronic experience.

this is my personal way to see that
I opened this thread in Music Tech DIY, I prefer both open independently.

I also offer this link (it's Catalan language) from my web page

and patience, if they are roses will flourish!
Someone test circuits in this idea?
Hii Jordi,

Great Job..!! Thanks for sharing about your PCB 100x40. This will help other readers too.
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