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The Great Destroyer: Euro
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Author The Great Destroyer: Euro
WolfStaccatoWalk wrote:
Planning on ordering one of these in the near future but, I can't seem to find the exact power draw through any search, website or shop.. Anybody know? seriously, i just don't get it

I don't remember off hand, but I think we did find that out. I'll get that info up ASAP.

The general answer is "not much" but I know that's not very helpful right now.

Finaly, is there an european dealer where I could find the Great Destroyer in euro format ?

NB : Does the euro format have the same sound as than the guitar pedal ? (love the sound of the guitar pedal from you demos)
last time I looked for one had no luck but I heard somewhere that they are doing something new eurorack related.
the demos... I think that I like the pedal much more once I found my sweet spots twisted
yes, there :
and there :
Please make some buchla format great destruction!

I love it on guitar!
Just recently got my GD in the mail, and it's fuckin incredible! Thank you aen, for your awesome module, awesomer videos, and most excellent sticker. I've got the new version of TGD (2.0?) with attenuators for the gain and tone cv.
few quick questions:

can the new version process cv as well as audio?

when i control the gain and tone with cv, i barely have to have the attenuators up at all to affect gain and tone, and it seems like they're inverted—is that true? i don't need a map, just push me in the general direction nanners
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