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help - electrically speaking
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Author help - electrically speaking
so i magic smoked another toy in my quest to convert my euro rack's 12v down to 9v - really a toy(smoking them is more fun then actually using the volt meter - actually i don't fully trust my meter abilities either)

can somebody please draw/write/link me an idiots guide to reducing 12v to 9v using a regulator (7809)- i'm fairly certain i'm just backwards on my wiring or ...
for some reason i've always been electrically challenged seriously, i just don't get it
and i can't find anything i believe - i found one that said just throw in some resistors and that just seemed wrong
this one is the only one that seems right to my understanding

i keep finding little cool things to build that are all 9v designed that i'd like to make euro modular useful - i hate having a bunch of boxes around
do you have a multimeter?
I found a copy of the circuit in some old class notes - Nicholas Collins guest lectured during my time at mills
also in his book - handmade electronic music - useful resource

my brain is like a sieve d'oh!
i will gladly accept further input still -
just check the datasheet for the 7809 you have to work out the pins
feed +12v into the input pin, send ground to the com pin
then measure the voltage on the output pin to make sure it is 9v before you hook it up to anything
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