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Plan-B Wave Splicer and ASR Demos
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Author Plan-B Wave Splicer and ASR Demos
Here are demos of the Plan-B ELF Wave Splicer and ASR I picked up at Noisebug last Saturday:


I put two waveforms into the WS and used envelopes and LFO's to mod the splice point. The splice uses the front half of one wave and the back half of the other to make a new waveform. The open sound has me manually turning the spice point. You hear a high sine then over to the saw and the mayhem in between. Mixing detuned or high and low waveforms makes the harshest sounds. The sweet spot of splice point itself can get real ring mod sounding and many of my sounds take advantage of that. Also two synced PWM pulses in each input plus an LFO to the splice point does a damn good AFG imitation.


For this demo I sent the outputs of the ASR to 3 oscillators set to same tuned saws. The speed of the clock you apply shifts the incoming CV to all three outputs at that clock rate. Using keyboard CV you can have each osc delay it's note change by clock speed. If you use clock at fast speed it will make the three oscs 10 times thicker sounding than if they were played normally and mixed. Also used LFO to dive the notes down and random to go all over the place. The end of the demo has the ASR send an env signal to two filters, one on left and one on right,. You hear the delay of one to the other.

I highly recommend both modules.

Damn, I'm still lusting for that ASR, even more now that I hear the demo... Oh well, the LFO + Wave Splicer + AFG (which Shawn just reported to be shipping w00t ) should keep me from doing bad for a while.

Thanks for these, much appreciated!
Hot damn! I ordered the ASR last night... NOW, I'm totally impatient.
Harumph. I was completely convinced that I could do without a wave splicer until I heard that demo.
MrDys wrote:
Harumph. I was completely convinced that I could do without a wave splicer until I heard that demo.

A small tip: Don't hang around here. hihi
excellent demos.

yay! for more ways to mangle a waveform. and
yay! for the ASR available in inexpensive modular format. (is this the first ASR module that is not serge? edit: of course CGS has one.)

* sample & holds can be used as a shift register too (the 'poor mans' shift register some say)
Grumble grumble. Wave splicer added to my order.
Chuck E. Jesus
got my Wave splicer, Way cool...
I think I'll be ordering one as well soon...

I kinda want a 3rd AFG, however, I'd like to have 2 M15s for the wonderful FM sounds.

So I'm thinking an additional M15 (since I already have one) and a Wave Splicer will be a nice compromise.

I've got some harvestman stuff higher up on my list though wink
Wow, that wave splicer is awesome. I only have my DIY MOTM modular with no access to eurorack so I'll have to try to emulate that function with modules I(will) have. Would 2 waves into a 2-1 VC switch being modulated by a square wave with VC pulse width do the trick, or am I missing something? I guess I would have to lock the frequency of the square at 2x that of the other waveforms. Damn, it's getting complicated to replicate such a tiny module!
REwire wrote:

damn! so sick!!
To emulate with switches or VCA crossfade methods, there is no need to double the pulse wave. Using the pulse from the same oscillator will make it happen. The biggest limitation would be the speed of the switch. I might try it with pulse controlled crossfading next time, since none of my switches can track the higher frequencies as well.
Damn, I'm so close to asking whether it would be OK to exchange the preorder to a LFO + ASR instead since the order hasn't shipped yet... Thing is, both of those demos and the descriptions (there are better specs at Plan B site now) sound great, but I can't afford both right now and I think ASR would fill a more immediate gap in my current system...

Decisions, decisions.
I'm fucking loving the ASR right now. So much fun. w00t
Thanks for pushing me over the edge lol
Here's a pic of a Saw and Pulse into a switch that's triggered by the same pulse:

Here's that same at 2X the pulse rate:

Here's what the Splicer at 50% looks like:

Maybe a crossfader would get closer but I can't imagine what would join two waves the way this does so smoothly plus all the strange artifacts that can come out when the splice point is modulated.
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