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subjective experience
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Author subjective experience
Nelson Baboon
I seem to be posting too much here, so shoot me a message if I should shut up. I just continue to be excited about the 300....

so, forgive me if my single malt has gotten the best of me.

where I like to get to in many patches....
this sense that I'm tapping into the sound of the 'circuitry' of human life somehow. street noises, electronic hum, toilet flushing in the dark controlled by lizards.....

something that is evocative, but beyond description - noise/sound, but not something where you're compelled to describe things in synthesis terms. sounds that just engage your mind when you're not thinking about music per se, if that makes any sense

it's like that's what's here behind this blue 'facade'. I just make a few connections, and I'm evoking this electronic 'description' of these different realities. of course, once you get to these basics, then the goal is to think about what makes this 'music' and how to get there, and that is very difficult if one gives up the the usual rules.

but, even if this is all nonsense, the wiard seems to get me here faster than all the rest that I've tried. Is it the blue color?

hard to articulate. must drink more....
It occurred to me recently that the term "synthesizer" is somewhat innaccurate. I see these machines more like antennae, tuning into universal transmissions.

"the wiard seems to get me here faster than all the rest that I've tried."

I think Grant put a herculean amount of thought into user experience and musical purpose.
Nelson Baboon

trying to articulate further, and likely failing....

I'm walking down the street, and really liking the timbral excitement of what I hear - this person babbling this to that...this construction going on over here. Fucking zombie sucking out the brain of a homeless person over here, shrieking not out of musicality, but because his mind is being sucked out....

sometimes it just is amazing because the sonic effect is that it defies all predispositions and expectations. somehow it's this primordial sonic experience.,

Obviously what attracts me most about music isn't 'pretty sounds'....

so what is one trying to do if one is a baboon? (many ways of approximating in expression). One is to take these hints from one's surroundings. To make a connection with something more basic than tunes, or genres...what is this connection with sound and its change over time? How can human intervention improve this 'random' sound without inserting the 'ego' - which is also often presupposed as a real entity.

I struggle with this shit. of course, it's because I'm an asshole.....

but somehow, I make a few connections on the Wiard, and I'm HERE.

Hail Satan.
Join the universal man / machine / aether patch cord matrix today. Human interaction is overrated anyway.
Nelson Baboon
not overrated in general. Just needs to be contextualized properly. one can make 'emotional' music, but the basic notion that music somehow 'expresses' something about human interconnection and emotion is just conceptually wrong.

Disclaimer. This is coming from a psychotic.
Nelson Baboon wrote:
How can human intervention improve this 'random' sound without inserting the 'ego' - which is also often presupposed as a real entity.

I don't think human intervention can improve upon it. Although, some people seem to require human intervention to make such a thing worthy of paying mind to.

Ego feeding upon ego. num num num
now way man, I'm stoked that you've livened up the Wiard forum and bummed that I'm exiting the series (which is gone by the way), one day I'll be back, learned a lot from this sub forum, wiardo forever

basic patch I like: using the peculiar borg oscillators, one through low pass borg 1, the other through band pass borg 2, 2 different woggle cv sources controlling each oscillators at different unpredictable rates, sweet timbres smile fm'ing the borg oscillators with each other is another pleasant surprise thumbs up
Nelson Baboon wrote:
toilet flushing in the dark controlled by lizards...

Is that in the Wiard 300 patch book? If it isn't, I need to add it. Oh, wait, I don't have a patch more thing for the to do list!
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