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Where to buy British Standard outlets?
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Author Where to buy British Standard outlets?
Bryan B
I have this potential project that will turn on and off outlets with midi notes. I have built 3 of them, but now I am asked to build one for the UK. Does anyone know of a good source for UK outlets in the US?

I will also need a UK wallwart for powering the PCB (output anywhere from 5vDC to 12vDC).

Any ideas?

Thanks Wigglers!
Bryan B
Is it wrong to post electrical related stuff in here? ...or maybe nobody here knows the answer?

So far I have only found a UK style power cord.
Dave Kendall
Hi Bryan.

A long shot, but a friend of mine recently moved back to the US after 17 years over here in London.

She ended up taking some bits of UK electrical gear with her.
What is it exactly you're after?

IIRC, she had some UK mains cords, and *possibly* some 4-way mains distribution blocks? any good? (no wall-mounted outlets though)

If any of that is any good, I can mail her to see if she still has them, and if she wants to part with them. I think she's in california somewhere nowadays....

Do you mean switch on & off MAINS OUTLETS?

If so it may be easier to use IEC mains terminals (kettle lead type) to make things more universal.

Otherwise try Farnell perhaps?

I know it can be tricky finding US AC adaptors for delivery in europe - I use Mouser for that, so really you want something 'the other way around'.
try doing a web search for BS1363 socket
Bryan B
I was going to use one or two Highly liquid MSA-T Kits to flip relays that control each of the outlets over midi. I wanted to build the British Standard outlets (8-16 of them) into the box that I am building.

This project may be too big of a hassle just getting parts. I will give searching online a few more tries before I scrap it though.
Bryan B
The IEC Mains terminals is a great idea, but the power cord is the easiest part to find here so far.
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