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Mutant Hats No Closed Hat Sound
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Author Mutant Hats No Closed Hat Sound
Built the unit and it all seems to be working apart from no sound out of the closed hat output. Open hats work fine and so does the fade function as the closed hat trigger seems to be working.

There was the issue with the top of the electolytic caps C13 and C29 of the middle board shorting onto the backboard during first power up. I'm not sure if that's damaged any components.

Any clues?

If there is a schematic that would be handy for fault finding
Mine shorted like that and it made a few wierd noises but once i fixed it everything was fine, i was using a temporary passive mixer at first and the closed was really overpowered, but you could still hear it. I would just go over everything looking for bad solders.
Check the orientation of all the trasistors. It took me ages to figure out that I had one facing the wrong way d'oh!
tracked the output signal back through the boards and found a that one of the headers wasn't connecting through. Thanks for the advice.
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