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200 pulses on a 200e
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Author 200 pulses on a 200e
Although I have no 200e pulse generating modules, yet, I am under the impression they are a bit different than 200 series pulses (shorter and more precise). Does that mean that a 200 series pulse won't work with the pulse in's on a 200e? Specifically, a music easel pulse to say a 291e?
citizen mori
do you mean pulses from 218/221? the 208 does not provide pulse outputs from the panel.

a 200 system's pulses will be a bit hot and not quite the same as e-series in duty.
While what citizen mori says is true, in my limited experience they interchange pretty well. The pulses from the 281e are very short (.5 ms), and about 15 v. The pulses from the 225e have triggers at 10 v. and a sustain plateau of 5 v. I think that the 222e is similar. The Pendulum/Ratchet puts out 1 ms pulses, either 10 v or a little shy of 14 v pulses, depending on the value of some socketed resistor packs.

I haven't tried it, but I would imagine that the Music Easel pulses would work fine with the 200e.

I'm sure that the good citizen has more experience w/ 200 <-> 200e interfacing than I do, so take all this with a grain of salt.
200 pulses work fine driving e-series modules. Things can get tricky going the other way:
thanks for the info gentlemen. And the citizen mori is correct. To clarify I was referring to the internal easel pulses built from the available schematics. Good info to know. Looking forward to trying the two out together.
cbm wrote:
The pulses from the 281e are very short (.5 ms), and about 15 v.

Thanks for that. It explains why my old 212 didn't fire well from the MIDI/CV converter gates, causing the filter/gate to not fully open on the first gate of a sequence.
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