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PS for a PT2011 delay?
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Author PS for a PT2011 delay?
I got this from a wiggler without a power supply. I need a US one and with the manual and the case stating different info, if anyone can link to a 'qualified' one that would be great. Thanks

Guinness ftw!
From the bug website:

Power - 12V DC @ 50mA, centre negative, 2.1mm connector, polarity and over-current protected. Worldwide (100-240VAC) Wallwart supplied with interchangeable plug heads. Note that early production models state 9VDC on the ends whereas this should say 12V!

A wonderful sounding thingy, miss mine!
So if I'm trying to look up this thing on digikey, what's the difference between current output and watts? Forgive my absolute lack of knowledge on any of this.
There's a reason the blue masking tape and sharpie get applied directly to any wallwart straight out of the box. Things again.
Yes, 12V DC --- centre negative.

50mA MINIMUM - you'll generally find supplies with much more than that - that is fine.

P=IV -- so you'd only need 0.6W (ie. go for 3W or 6W or .. - all fine)
Ok, so it seemed like a 6W was an option. So when trying to choose the connector It just says barrel and 2.1 mm but i can't really discern wether it's centre negative from that drop down search thing.... It has like ID and OD? d'oh!
You should see one of the following on the wall wart. (Sorry about the image size....)

You want a 12v DC center negative variety.
I get that fredguy, if I had an actual supply in my hand to look at. I'm trying to buy one from the internets: nal-off-board/ac-dc-desktop-wall-adapters/

So I'm trying to figure out what info I plug in to all these fields to get the supply I need.
Many (?most?) modern switchers tend to be centre-positive.
I'd used centre-negative because that should have fitted more normally with guitar stomp-box 'boss style' (9V centre-neg) - but then I shot myself in the foot by requiring 12V.
The wallwarts I was supplying were actually originally centre-pos, so I had to snip and re-wire each one --- silly..
[That's why I moved everything since then over to 12V centre-pos.]

Anyways, back to Digikey -- difficulty with such places is they have SO many options.. Hard to find things.

For example - click through to something like this: D/2384492
This has 5W but centre-positive.
Best bet may be to find one which has interchangeable tip adaptors - these allow you to change the plug diameter (you want 2.1mm) and the polarity.

Clicking through some of the options:
- output 12V
- In Stock
- centre negative

Gives :: 4980
That's the cheapest they have in stock that looks suitable.
I always buy the multi adapter things to get the right barrel size and polarity.
Ok, thanks for all this. I was guess I was trying to be to specific on the search page. lol
Now, ooh now I'm just can't wait to get this thing plugged in!!
Guinness ftw!
dadek wrote:
Now, ooh now I'm just can't wait to get this thing plugged in!!
Guinness ftw!

The OG red pt delay is quite likely the best delay in the universe (and I'm a delay whore!) we're not worthy
...and buy or make a v-trig to s-trig cable then pretty much any old drum machine sound will work for switching delay times.
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