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MSEURO CASE - Customized Korg MS-10
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Author MSEURO CASE - Customized Korg MS-10
This project took three months in total to complete. I took a broken Korg MS-10 that had extensive internal damage and customized it into this case. This is part of the Vertigo Case series. Before you say, I don't need a keyboard realize this is part of a set. I had built this previously as my monster portable. c68b37e7a04ed2db981dae7

I wanted a serious monosynth that would play nicely along side my monster portable.


Both this case and my other portable used the same piece of Bubinga wood and I still have a little left that I might do more with! The original piece of Bubinga was 14' x 19"!

I had to remove and replace the original resistor chain on the keybed as the original was calibrated for Volts/Hertz as opposed to 1V per octave.

I used MFOS 1V per octave PCB and I must say, Ray was extremely helpful with getting performance dialed in tight!

I used the original steel bottom pan and keybed with modulation wheel and switch. That is the only original parts that I used from the original Korg.

From the original dimensions I extended an additional 1 and a half inches toward the back to accommodate my PSU and the space needed to make my design on top functional.

The handle has several functions. First when not being carried it can fold down in front to protect the keybed. Second it can fold down in back to support the case.

The rest of the case is made out of .060 aluminum, making it very light, yet strong. ProOne PSU has plenty of power. Synthrotek flying bus boards and customized bus boards for the Erthenvar 1U tiles.

Filled it with several of my own custom modules too thumbs up

I will be bringing this to the Denver Synth Meet!

______________________________________________________________________ _________________

Superb !!! thumbs up
really nice work!
Wow! Fantastic design. SlayerBadger!
Totally killer! Rockin' Banana!
nice. I forgot about the speak and math module.
Hey, that came out pretty nicely, looking forward to checking it out in person.

What happened to the guts of the MS-10?
I was just talking with the wiggler I bought the original broken MS-10 from and I was telling him that I still had all of the guts and maybe I might rework it sort of from scratch and make a table top version. Kinda like they have done with the MS-20. The guy I bought it from also told me that there had been mods done to the MS-10 and that if I researched it and did it correctly I might have another monster on my hands hyper
Outrageously Sweet thumbs up
fap fap fap...
love it
I'm a big fan of repurposed cases. A job well done sir we're not worthy
You know when someone does something and you look at what you've done and a wave of shame and envy washes over you? Yep. Feeling it now.
very very cool! great job with this build, wow.
100 Awesome Points for you thumbs up
That is beyond lovely. we're not worthy
you rule!
Very nice case. Funny thing is that I had the same idea with the top folding case when I was thinking about how to build my 3 rows and make it portable.
But other than on your solution I would like to have the folded top part to be so deep that it will fit to the lower row when closed. Was there a reason why you did the top row so shallow?
Amazing! Love the portability
Oh my heart
I'm swooning
Thats a beauty! Nice work.


Love your NES work too…!
I would love to purchase this case from you. Do you accept firstborn children?
Thank you guys for the comments. This one is going to be a lot of fun to use. As to my design choices, this is my fifth euro case design and the first thing I have learned is 'weight'. You really have to design it to be as light as possible. Could I have made the top deeper, yes, but then the weight gets out of control. I wanted there to be enough room, but not so much as I could not carry it either. I spent the first four weeks tweaking and working the measurements as well as center of gravity. Every time I made the top part larger I would have to accommodate that change directly to the bottom section. I finally compromised and decided to only extend out the back one and a half inches. No more. This also allowed me to keep center of gravity in check so the handle would be dead on with modules and would not want to tip one way or the other. I also wanted the handle connection point hidden behind the vector rails, so that was also considered. Needed extra room to make room for knobs on both sides and also the Att-offset 1U tiles, in which the knobs stick up pretty high, but those were a must, so extra clearance had to be made. The part I am the most proud of is the metal cover, covering the back of the keys. There are two bends in that piece and I did both bends on my press brake by eye and it turned out perfect.

Looks pretty sweet in profile.

If you decide to refurb the guts of the MS-10, check this out:

The MS10 was my first analog synth and i love his size and look. Really, really nice what you create. thumbs up
woah Fantastic job! applause
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