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King of the Kicks
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Author King of the Kicks
I've got the TipTop BD808 and I like it, but it doesn't have the thunder gut punch I so desire in a kick.

What is the undisputed King of The Bass Drum in the modular realm?

Is the the BLD? The Jomox ModBase?


screaming goo yo
1 word: JOMOX !
+1 for Jomox. Only piece of gear I always turn down my speakers for - Mbase11 gets wellllll below 20Hz if you want it to. eek!
is the Hexinverter mutant bass drum any good?
I'm interested in it as it is DIY-able.
And it has the word 'mutant'.
+1 for Jomox. But psssst, keep it secret.
808 is great ,,if you don't have the $$$ for Jomox ,
you can try running with a VCA,VCF, Megawave is also great for Percussion if it's in your rack.
I mainly use z2040 through VCA. One maths channel for filter FM, the other for the vca.
Mutant Bass Drum is fantastic, especially if you like more distorted kicks. Low end is incredible, and plenty of CV ins.
It's modular, so if you don't like it, then build your own! Pretty much any sine wave source (oscillator, self-oscillating filter) can be used. Other waveforms can work too depending on what you want. There are some good tips in this thread:
I don't know about contests and measuring sound waves and frequencies, but I like the MFB Drum-04. It can get distorted, hi-rez, etc. kicks.
DRM1 is my absolute favorite drum module for kicks. Its not euro format specifically but it can do any type of kick and much more. Mutant bass drum is great too. Sounds like the mutant machine can so some nice kicks too
The falafular 808bd clone sounds very good!
i like the leploop cassa module. no cv, but the sound is perfect for me!
mutant bass drum is a PA KILLER!

maths + ripples
My best result for House kick are more related to the EG than the sound source.
I use Dixie / Rubicon as sound source, filter the sine to be even more clean that it's already with a 12dB/Oct filter resonance a 12O'Clock, Cutoff around 11Oclock, FM by Maths Channel 4.

Then Maths Channel 4 Output into Math Channel 4 Decay, Decay to 2-3 Oclock, Attenuator fully CCW.

Maths Output to Rubicon or Dixie Pitch And FM of the Filter ( Korgasmatron here ).

VCA EG to taste, I try to stay between LIN / EXP

Then I process the sound with Fabfilter's plugins to get the exact shape I want via Transient Processing and EQ.
But well it's more sound design than instant gratification a this point.
nofuture wrote:
My best result for House kick are more related to the EG than the sound source.

my observation too.
give the EG the appropriate attention !...........though i´m not into House lol

A jomox Modbase delivers kicks which are beyond what you can get with one soundsource and one EG.....should be mentioned wink

for me: the Jomox or then simple patched with a Mankato
i liked the Peaks BD on a short check btw.,
and even more the new BD in Braids which is inspiringly CVable.
good thread i had in mind the mfb 04 but never jomox mod base i find it very expensive for just a kick drum even though i haven't tried it and noticed it gets quite some love. i am not into house kicks so find the mfb 04 more suitable for the kind of sounds i am looking to get out of euro
One thing to keep up in mind regarding the 808 kick sound on so many house and tecno tracks is that it is usually compressed and processed for more "oomph".
for me, an ADSR is crucial for dope kicks, preferably one with a one-shot mode. I dial in fast attack and fast decay, with sustain set somewhere around the middle and a longer release. decay shapes the transient and the thump, while release becomes the decay and boom.

tweaking those and the modulation amount when feeding to the cv input of an oscillating filter gives me huge punchy kicks. I don't use a VCA or anything either, just a filter that can oscillate below audio.

feeding two of these into a mixer can make some crazy fat and fairly realistic sounding drums, I leeerve it.
I know it is a bit of a cheat, but are there samplers in the modular world? In which case load up a Linn 9000 kick drum (for 'front', and an MFB522 bass drum (for 'body'), and blend to suit.

Thinking about it, does anyone make a Linn Drum clone in modular? Or are the power requirements for 'romplers' too great?

this is pretty cool too (and way more sounds):
I use a Uvcf, Pitts adsr and a Ufold as a bass drum.
for 808 best I own is the eurorack version by Metalbox

i love my other TipTop modules but sold my BD808
still have my ASol BD88...
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