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Bugbrand Synthi AKS Build
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Author Bugbrand Synthi AKS Build
I've always thought the EMS Synthi AKS has really the best interface, and while it sounds great, I believe also it is the interface that really makes it. So while having poor ergonomics(too large a system cutting back shortly) in my current bug, I decided to build a "Synthi AKS" using my bug modules, here is a pic and I'll explain each module in the next post and how it matches up to the AKS.
not sure what's up with the rotation, i edited it in preview...hmm...

on the build. I tried to replicate as much of the ergonomics of the AKS, even to how it is set up itself. I added some extra due to extra space (31 fw frame, with a bag, so it's portable like an AKS too now!)

output module to replicate the panning on the synthi and volume for the output 1/2...
Noise crusher: provides the noise modules of the synthi, also gives a clock for the touch panel
touch panel to try and do the AKS keyboard/sequence
2 x matrix mixer using this to replicate the pin matrix of the Synthi, this way you can have control with one pot of the amount of modulation/audio to one destination
PT delay only thing closest to the spring reverb, which is really sad because that really makes the synthi!
dual preamp this is to replace the inputs on the synthi, and also provide attenuation, also used the v2, so can do also use it for internal stuff
joystick replacing the synthi joystick(I think one of the main things that makes the synthi)
3x quad sin oscs with 3x waveshapers I'm hoping this will replace some of the synthi with the ability to waveshape. I was thinking almost though 3x tri core might be better...
freq shifter just too cool of a module to not include
barton dual quant to make the touch panel more like the AKS sequencer, have to have notes!...also one of those modules that are too fun
dual LPG This one is out of place, it should be next to the outputs... I think this might be able to used besides for an LPG to replicate the EQ functionality the outputs have on synthi which is really badass(i would like to do 2 x peq instead...that would be better...)
vca/ovderdrive for the envelope function of the aks, and why not overdrive...
COF filter I was kind of at a crossroads with using SV filter or COF filter, or replacing the dual LPG with the SV filter, I'm kind of thinking keeping the audio modifiers relatively simple. also the COF has the big friendly knobs which invite tweaking
ring mod/lpg for that needed synthi ring mod
1 envelope I think it would be much easier to have more than one envelope, but one looping envelope perhaps can replicate the trapezoid generator? and with that limitedness, perhaps working on different type sounds?
any inputs, perhaps from other synthi owners?

I was really trying to create an instrument out of the modules I have. at 9-10 rows it was getting too much, and really a pain in the ass to use due to cable sizes. right now this can fit in one of the bugbrand cases, and with a PSU ready to go for live performance. I'm a big fan of modular as a performance instrument. So far i have gotten very synthiesque bubbles...

open to suggestions on what to change to make it more synthi-ized :-)

After this I'm thinking about building using the 2 row bomber cheeks I have got a 32fw add on to this(sequencers, DRMs, etc), and letting go 4 rows that are extraneous(and to bring more modules back into the community, and get an AKS w00t )
Would love to hear a few results of this assemblage....
3001 - have a look at the pic I just posted in the bugbrand setup section. It's my version of a synthi A. I run it into a moisturiser for spring reverb. I know what you mean re the freq shifter and PT delay but I've sacrificed them in order to have the 4th VCO and wavefolder as I love them as a 2nd voice.
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