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Author Standoff's?
My KLEE is almost complete but I screwed up my futurlec order and forgot to order the 30mm standoff's I was planning on using to mount my boards parallel to the panel. I've found 25mm ones at digikey and others but this will make it tight with the switch I have mounted on the panel.

Does anyone know of a good source (other than futurlec) for standoffs?

Sometimes I've had to double up 2 smaller sizes to get the one I needed. Have any 20's and tens?

Oh - what I use - Mouser has several things that'll fill your bill, and they ship really fast, at least if you're in the USA. I use the threaded hex standoffs that are on the top of page 1856 of the current catalog - if you're using 4-40 screws, it'd be part# 534-2206 (actually 1.5 inches), if you're using 6-32 screws its part# 534-1818 (actually 1.25 inches). Probably not the cheapest solution (Daverj's link is probably going to be your best price), but they look good, and being able to get them with my parts orders is nice. In a pinch you can always find something that'll work at a hardware store.

P.s. I feel so ...cheapened... replying to Sarah P. about synth diy
any decent hardware store should have some standoffs.
I use McMaster-Carr for all the bits of hardware in my projects (screws, standoffs, etc). They have an enormous inventory of sizes and shapes of everything, they're usually significantly cheaper than Mouser, and in my experience they've generally shipped within a day of ordering. I live in a rather sparsely populated area and finding any parts that you won't find in a light switch or doorbell is unlikely, so McMaster's become my hardware friend. Plus you can pick up hundreds of different screws for a few bucks and never have to worry about finding a random 4-40 button screw again.
I just use an extra nut set to whatever height I want (hides)
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I just use an extra nut set to whatever height I want

If you use a pair of nuts they lock.

Personally I use stainless steel or brass tubing from the hardware store and cut my own. The stainless is thick walled so it works well when threaded standoffs are needed. The brass I just use with long screws or threaded rod cut to length.
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