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Attach your grid to an Arduino- Bee
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Author Attach your grid to an Arduino- Bee
Hi there Scott,

Monome posted this a couple of days ago: duino.#Item_24

I have seen you are mentioned on the Github (monomecontroller.h)

Can i try this tutorial with the b? On the monome site is says Arduino Due and version 1.6.

I was wondering how this will affect the compatiblity with the current B Software, and if they are going to be updates to the code.

I guess Grid.h and others will be replaced / updated?

Please keek us informed, thanks a lot!
The USB driver in his code is based on my work (that was based on Circuits@Home's work), so you can certainly use it for a little less object-oriented approach to the program, but alone it won't give you any access to the CV DACs which you'll likely want.

I don't have any plans on replacing my API for the grid controller as it works pretty well. We have 4 instruments based on that code plus one based on the Arc that uses the same framework.

I may pull some of the code back into the repo tho... some interesting things in there like multi-touch tracking that we need.

I probably need to write some demos that are straight-forward sketches that use the grid which will be a little easier for some folk to understand and tweak/hack.

1.1 is delayed just a little since I'm pushing the io module out the door, but as soon as that's done, I'll be finishing up 1.1.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your reply.

Looking forward to the 1.1 update!!!

Thanks a bunch smile
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