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Midi2Cv CV outputs not working!
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Author Midi2Cv CV outputs not working!

Some days ago I finished a MIDI2CV kit. Everything seems to work as stated (gate outputs, sync output, programming keys, the three different modes...), except for the four CV outputs. It doesn't matter what mode I am in or if I have a midi cable connected (sending or not sending midi notes) to the module; the four outputs stay static and send the same voltaje even when changing the trimpots offset.

CvA is sending 11.64volts (which has probably burned my doepfer wasp filter...)
CvB is sending 0.00volts
CvC 1.74volts
CvD 0.33

I have tried swapping the trimpots for Tuning and 1v/Oct as I don't know which ones should go where (they both have very similar labels and the internet hasnt given me any further info appart from knowing both are 3296).

I'm a bit desperate as I have checked the three pcbs for the last week and everything seems right... Please help me on this one!

Thanks in advance!
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