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Reverb/delay unit recomendations
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Author Reverb/delay unit recomendations
Hi everyone
I was looking into building a reverb or delay unit for my synths and was
wondering what kits/pcb's people would recomend. The simpler
the better as it will be a first time project. I have be drooling
over all the wonderful modular synth projects but I thought
I would like to start off with a smaller project that would
also be really useful. I have been looking into MFOS's
fantastic projects but I decided that I wanted to build
as a start project something that was more practical for
my needs. I hope that this makes sense and thanks in advance
for any helpful pointers.
Hello This is fun!

check out the PT2399 echo processor, get it from Futurlec for $1.50 or so.

There are a few circuits around for it, the ones for guitar fx are simple but you end up with a very effective module that will provide lots of fun.
scott bernadi vc-echo design is pretty simple too
i am almost finished building mine
thumbs up Thanks guys for these suggestions. Was I being really unobservant but are there any pcb's available for building a unit using either the PT2395 or the PT2399 IC ? What I would like to do is to create a housing that sits up on a desk with wide spaced pots as most guitar pedals tend to have their knobs too close together for my mitts. Cheers once again. N Animal!
I see Tonepad has them so I guess I answered the question myself! Thanks all the same.
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