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what can you do on a bus?
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Author what can you do on a bus?
what can you do on a bus and/or stuck in traffic? can you amuse me/us??? show me something cool!!!
I was going to say send CV and gates without patch cables.

...Anyway an iPad is pretty good since you can read pdf magazines and watch tutorials with something that opens up a variety formats if the apps don't inspire
With a Nintendo 3DS you could play games or you could do this:

My brain is usually modulating module design ideas....
Or watching cartoons! hyper w00t

Last night on the bus I was thinking about finishing 2 modules I started on 2 or 3 years ago. The biggest clusterfuck ever!
I think I'm going to do it......sometime.....
i heard Jim Carrol (basketball diaries) do a spoken word thing and he talkedat length about a guy on the subway with a string tied around his toe that went up his pants leg and he was constantly tapping his foot while staring at women and being excited. he then followed people into central park and was walking around in a very strange manner sort of leading w/the foot w/the string around the toe..

so.. you see.. if you're creative you can do all kinds of things on public transportation
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