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Next run of HD Player's
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Author Next run of HD Player's
Going to move forward with a very small run of these.
Looking to do a run of six pieces.
$185.00 each, includes shipping in US.
PM me if you are interested.

Specs: 5V/500ma - 4HP - A variety of file types can be used, but the best so far have been .mp4 and .mov.

I also would recommend using a TBC of some sort. I have had problems with a few of them running straight into LZX modules without sync, so count on using a TBC.


Video can be on SD card, or USB memory stick, or Hard Drive via USB. Some might not like the remote, but a lot of these built in features make it easy to use it without it. For instance, you can set it up to start playing as soon as it's powered up. It can repeat one title, or all titles. I primarily am stealing clips from Youtube and various sci-fi movies and them applying hard contrast filters and using the output as digital keys through a Panasonic digital mixer. There is a HDMI port on the back, but obviously I just need the SD, but nice to have. Audio is very clean if you want to use it. I figured I could build these for $185 each and I have at least three now so I can switch easily between sources. These work great with LZX modules!

This is awesome!!! smile
Not a Color TBC replacement though, since it does not decode the outputs to RGB, and there is no genlock input for synchronizing it with the system. As a master video source though, this is so neat. I want one!

What would be even more awesome is if you found one of these with Component RGB output and modified outputs so that you could get 1V DC RGB video out directly. It might be possible by housing it along with an Composite-to-YPbPr converter.

You could also do this using Raspberry Pi, and then you could add some pin headers for playback controls/trigger inputs!
This is actually really cool! Interested in what Liz said regarding the Component RGB addition, but it would increase the HP which I like how compact it is already. I guess you could just use the Color TBC with this module to get the RGB and synchronization if required.

Good job applause
I bet you could get an IR code reader to get all the play/start/stop/pause codes from the remote. There's got to be a real simple all inclusive Arduino project board for IR code broadcast, that you could combine in a panel with some buttons and trigger inputs! Does it have a "next clip" / "previous clip" button on the remote? Sequencing that would be fun. Of course there will likely be some loading time here, so you probably wouldn't be able to strobe between clips.
That is a great idea with the IR. I should have qualified my earlier remark. I have found I have to 'condition' most signals I run through my main video input on my LZX modules. Now granted I am using crappy circuit bent NES signals. Usually I run everything thru my Extron, or my Panasonic mixer before outputting to the main video input on my LZX modules.

Switching between different clips via remote is seamless. I even considered breaking out the remote into the same panel making the buttons CV controlled, but as of now I wanted more video sources in a smaller space. 4HP makes this great compared to a full size VHS or even a DVD player.

Once I get this Denver Synth Meet out of my hair I will be able to dedicate some serious time to this. Expect more news soon. If any of you have other methods that fit these specs and space constraints, please let me know!
Your ebay link doesn't work, but the photo shows the player. There's several brands of identical players on ebay in the $25-$50 range. They were mentioned in another thread last year. I have two different ones and they work great as little players. No genlock or RGB, as Liz mentions, though.
Link fixed. Sorry.

I am just using these for hard contrast 'key's' so this works perfect for me. Used Panasonic digital mixers are so cheap these days that a few of these little guys and a cheap mixer and you are good to go.
Very cool! I would be interested in one of these!

In my system, I would probably keep this wired to my Jones MVIP so that I have a different texture to mix with what I have running into the LZX part.

I'd be down for one of these too.
They look great!
very cool.
Going forward with a small run of these.
keep us posted
I can't tell but is it 'skiff' friendly? Thinking of putting one in a TTA252 case but I don't think it'll fit.
Just checked specs of the tta252 and it looks like it will not fit in that case, The module is 2.3" deep, and that case has a maximum of 2" of clearance.

Ooops, looks like I was wrong, yes it will fit, based on the TTA'a site stating 2.75" at max, but it is worth noting it will not fit everywhere in that case. You may need to have it in only a couple of spots to insure clearance.
Thanks DSC! For sure not in the center/middle row. Top/Bottom, off to the far right! I'm in for 1 thumbs up
Are these still available?! Veryyyyyy interested. Anyone have info?
Please PM me, I have 2 left available in this run.
DSC wrote:
Please PM me, I have 2 left available in this run.

pm'd for the last 2
I thought I was going to pick one of these up but my wife said she hasn't gotten to know her current gear enough to keep purchasing Miley Cyrus
This run is spoken for.
I expect to have them ready in four weeks.
I will post more info soon.
Thanks to everyone for the interest and support.
thank you!! screaming goo yo screaming goo yo screaming goo yo screaming goo yo screaming goo yo
Panels cut and printed.

Un1 Piano
Is it still possible to order one of these modules DSC?
I'm curious about these, can they loop playback? Or are they hardwired to go to the next clip or back to the menu or something like that?
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