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Looking for LED buttons
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Author Looking for LED buttons
phase ghost
I'm looking for single buttons with the ability to be lit with LEDs like these:

Actually, I'd prefer something a bit larger. But, a single version of these 4 button panels is ultimately what I'm after. Any ideas?
There was a new post today I believe about Livid DIY stuff let me see...

right, this one here.

Seems like everything ran out but then again, sales start at march 1st I believe.

Anyway, I noticed the boards don't support bi-color leds, so I'll pass. Might be perfect for you though...
phase ghost
I was actually planning on using bi-color leds as well so that doesn't work. thanks though.
Well er... these do support even tri-color, and these too.
phase ghost
The main thing I'm looking for is buttons. I don't really like the buttons they offer. I'd prefer something closer to the size of a MPC button, but translucent and accepts an led. I've been searching, but they all seem to be like that. Plus, I'm looking for a board that is 1 row by multiple columns. The one's I've found have all seemed to be 2x4 or 4x4.
Man internet is so extremely slow today I have to edit away all these double posts.

so er...

Sounds like a sweet project you're working on...
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