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Blue Bomber Cheeks/Sides
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Author Blue Bomber Cheeks/Sides
Hey all...

I'm in the process of working with Bryan B to get a set a 5 rack bomber cheeks made. After mine are done, there will be half a sheet of 1/2" blue acrylic left.

If anyone is interested in getting sides for their bug racks, please PM and let me know how many racks you need it to support. We can definitely do a 5 rack bomber or possibly some smaller 2-3 rack ones depending on interest. Pricing will be based on amount of acrylic used, labor, and if you want engraving.

Bryan B
Here is a rendering of a 5-boat side panel:

And another few drawings showing potential 2-boat and 3-boat end cheeks. I say potential, because I can edit the design:

Bryan B
Since no body seems excited, I thought I would post a pic of a set of 5-up end cheeks that I already made:

Bryan B
I also made these clear sides for Low-Gain:

oops you're cheeks are so perty, Bryan_B!! we're not worthy


these look great! very tempting as I'd like to have a pair of 3 boats (got a 4 bomber and two in a rack) with an arp 2600 type angle as I'd don't have much desk space and need to put things away when I start using something else and the bomber takes up a lot of shelf space
Bryan B
I can customize the shape to fit your needs.
Bryan B
I just finished making 2 sets of Blue 2600-style end cheeks. The top pic shows the Acrylic washers:

Damn these are nice!
Do you make them in Eurorack sizes?
Bryan B
I have a basic hole template for Z rails (Euro Happy Ending Kit kind of rails), but the bottom, back and top will be open. I had a bunch of Euro end cheeks designed and ready to go for these, but that project never happened.

I don't provide screws to mount them with as I only know the clearance hole size and don't know which screws fit which format boats and rails.
Bryan B
I called these the Slant and Curve as one family was a 2600-style slant and the other was an Arcade Curve. I was planning to offer 3U, 6U and 9U in each style. Each design is vertical or horizontal (reversable), depending on how you mount the modules into it.

I can alter these designs and make them from Blue Acrylic, just giving examples since you asked if I can do it.

Photos of my prototypes taken by Low Gain:

yummy, can't wait for those pair of 2600 style sides to arrive
Is this offer still standing for some cheeks?
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