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Cricket Ninjas Sneaking Along Power Mains
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Author Cricket Ninjas Sneaking Along Power Mains
That's what it sounds like to me.
Yup! That's exactly what it sounded like. Kewl.
Reality Checkpoint
This is top stuff! Have you released any tracks commercially? If not you should, seriously.
Sounds to me like . . . The Borg assimilated Neu! and they were so influential on the collective that they decided to focus their endeavors on Krautrock instead of serial-genocide.

I would listen to an album worth of this stuff, I like it a lot!

[edit] Before Neu!, the Borg assimilated some crickets as well.
I'm too scatterbrained to focus on trying to make a LP or EP. I keep meaning to, but whenever I try, it comes out really sucking, maybe from overthinking and trying too hard.

Thanks for the kind words and positive feedback to everyone who has listened to my tracks! Especially those who leave the great comments to feed my starving ego.

My goal is to try to put together something resembling an album before the end of the year. Maybe even try to make a limited run of vinyl if I have some spare cash after it's done. But life is so tangential sometimes, we'll see.
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