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Envelope Follower PCBs (Do they exist?)
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Author Envelope Follower PCBs (Do they exist?)
I really don't want to buy a Doepfer A-119 and convert it into my format but as far as I can tell, nobody sells an envelope follower PCB. Am I correct? I know Ray Wilson sells an envelope follower with a filter but that's more of an effect than a control module.

I read in the archives about some circuits that may do the trick but it seems like this PCB should exists somewhere. Am I missing something?
Blacet I/O.... it's what I used. Really cool because you can use the env 1 and env 2 out to shape the signal a bit. And lag on env 2 out! smile
mmm amplitude follower
Neither of these companies just sells the pcb though, right? I have to buy a kit or partially assembled board?

ooh, thanks for that link. I miss so much here somehow..
i think you are correct but it would seem preferable to buying an a-119 to take apart
goiks wrote:
i think you are correct but it would seem preferable to buying an a-119 to take apart

Yeah, you're probably right about that..
pssh.... fuck it. Take it apart! Be the first one to chop shop a a-119!

I chopped an Oakley lag and stuffed it in a sequential switch panel. Also an MFB Dual LFO into a frac ear.! smile
full wave rectifier followed by a lowpass filter with a cutoff around 15-20hz. that is all it is. add a comparator on the output for gates.
you could stripboard this easy.

Ha, oops, Paul beat me to it. I've built the deluxe version of this (with the little lag) and it's awesome.
Good info everyone. I have a few more options to consider that I didn't know about.

My DIY modular (rev. 2.0) is finally taking shape and I'm gettting super-excited..
The Oakley EFG is about as good as it gets - LEDs for reference, a fast and slow CV output for the envelope follower, a solid gate extractor with a unique response control, and a high quality pre-amp. Everything you need from this type of circuit on one PCB.
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