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Orbitals builders! have some questions!
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Author Orbitals builders! have some questions!
hello everyone, bought the Orbitals PCBs but got hung up on the LED buttons.

I want to instead use a slew of Alco ON-off-ON switches that I have to be used for Note On-Off-Restart like the SympleSeq 2. But I still would like the random/reverse/modes that come with the Orbitals.

I'm also planning on using linear 10K sliders instead of pots so it can be more like a Arp Sequencer.

Ghost hello?

If there's anyone who has done the Orbitals build from their own source parts.. please PM. I did some resistor swapping for some uncommon values, [using 46.6kΩ 1% instead of 43kΩ 1%, and the rest are all 5% Carbon film resistors instead of Metal Film]

Have yet to find something for the two 86.6kΩ resistors.. seriously, i just don't get it

I also used the NPN Transistors [Motorola 2N 5551, 330 4403, etc] that I had versus buying a bunch of BC549s.

Tried to write Stacy / hexinverter but no response yet.


the sliders instead of pots idea sounds cool. i would think that as long as it's the same/close value and same taper, that should work. i think the random/forward/reverse knob most likely should be a pot or slider... OH! you might get away with a rotary switch with single value resistors (or a trimmer) to send the appropriate analog signal to the uController. It will be cool to see what you end up with.
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