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Juergen Haible Minotaurus DIY
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Author Juergen Haible Minotaurus DIY
Has anyone built the the Juergen Haible emulation of the Moog Taurus VCF/VCA/envelope generators? I don't believe that a PCB exists, as far as I know, but the schematics are available.

JH Minotaurus Reproduction of the Moog Taurus VCF / VCA and its special envelope generators

JH Minotaurus 1 Schematic
JH Minotaurus 2 Schematic

"500k Pots were not available in the desired size (PCB mount 11mm pot), so I used a few cheap opamps and 10k standard values to simulate the 500k log pots. Special feature: This circuits adapts automatically to voltage trigger or switch trigger type GATE signals (circuit built around a CD 4066), from: Jurgen Haible Various Schematics"

It's this section of the Moog Taurus that seems to be so "special." There is some information about this in this MW thread: Moog Taurus 3 If this emulation works well, one would just need some saw waves going in and this build would do the rest. One fun idea would be to use two cloud generators each with a little spread and slightly detuned from one another eek! Those run through the JH Minotaurus may produce some thick bass!

My plan is to is to build a prototype on the MOTM-000 breadboard. I'll make it in 5U and do a panel similar to MOTM/Oakley/bridechamber using front panel express. It will be powered by +/- 15 VDC.

I should note that my reason for doing this is to learn more about circuits and SDIY, and I don't really want to spend $2,000 on a Taurus 3. I have practically zero experience outside of soldering things (poorly, usually) and making patch cables. Oh, and I just successfully built four power-one supplies thanks to Muff's instructions. I probably could start with an easier project, but when I fail, I like to do it in epic proportions.

My first step was to go through the schematics and create a parts list. That will be the first thing that I update here. I'll try to finish that this weekend.

I'll use this thread to document my Dead Banana ambulance and w00t and hopefully, finally my SlayerBadger!.
It don't mean a thing without that swing(ing pitch in the oscillators). 8_)

It =would= be wonderful for use with the 901a/b oscillators I'm making hyper Good luck on building the Minotaurus; Juergen is very helpful regarding troubleshooting/communication.
Dave Kendall

A great candidate for the VCOs might be Jh's very own Living VCOs (in case you haven't seen these already....)

and there's a PCB for sale. smile

I wonder if we could persuade Mr. Haible to make a pcb design? smile

This backend coupled with the Living VCOs would be a great deal. I think.
Dave is right. JH said that a great candidate VCO to feed into the minotaurus would be his Living VCO. In a few months I'll have a couple of living VCOs to go along with the minotaurus.

It would be so much easier with a PCB so I agree with you wyrtti.

I am working on the parts list for the build and have sent a couple questions to JH about the transistors. I will share the mouser project when I get it correct as well as other parts sources.

Progress will be a little slow because I have no experience reading schematics prior to this minotaurus attempt.

It's been a lot of fun so far trying to navigate parts lists, sifting through schematics, and trying to understand how things connect to one another.
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