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Bandpass Filters
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Author Bandpass Filters
For my new modular system I had 4 CGS30 Bandpass Filters in mind, but because I'm running out of space and I still want to add some other modules I started thinking about what else I could do with the space.

The problem is that I don't really know what I can do with four non-controllable bandpass filters. The page on Ken Stone's site says it is good for setting up artificial resonances for virtual instruments, but I can't really imagine how that would sound. If anyone give me some information/sound examples, that would be greatly appreciated.
if you want bandpass filters with some control you may want to look at Fonik's ps3100 resonator project. 3 bandpass filters with cv freq control. it also has an lfo for modulating them and I am sure you could make some tweaks to get different slopes out of it and maybe even a resonance pot for each.
or try jurgen haible resonators, buchla 291
I have a triple BP module (CGS BPs and a mixer) that is quite useful even without any CV inputs.

I like running the 808 through it, and it also makes great little percussion noises on its own. I built them with resistors that allow them to easily resonate, and just hitting them with a trigger pulse makes them ring like electro bongos smile

Someday I hope to make another one that has CV, using the CV resistor PCBs that BrideChamber sells.

For my new modular system I had 4 CGS30 Bandpass Filters in mind...

This discontinued Cynthia module is exactly that!

Obtained a used one recently and in spite of a tepid first impression (not sure why) I like them a lot. I also like the extinct Blacet Dual Fixed Filter (DF 2420). That one has HP/BP/LP switch and lot more Q but is also CV-free.
There's plenty to be done with these. I drop them into the middle of patches, often before or after a filter to bring out some aspect of the sound. Same idea as pre-emphasis before a reverb. Putting one of these upstream of a quirky filter like the Wasp can give you more control over just how it behaves at its unstable edge. The patch I'm exploring now has a ladder filter going to one of the quad bandpass channels and then to an LPG. The BP is there to accentuate the mid-highs. They're also nice for helping to separate sounds in the mix.
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