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DIY Mutant Bassdrum died - fine last night, any ideas?
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Author DIY Mutant Bassdrum died - fine last night, any ideas?
I built a Mutant Bassdrum a couple of weeks ago, but this morning when I hit go on the patch that I had up last night, no Kick drum help

If I cycle the power the ENV LED flashes. The distortion section works fine.

I can't see any burnt components and it was sounding mighty like beating heart of pissed off bear last night SlayerBadger!

A bit of background on the build as it may be relevant...

I got the whole thing finished but made a booboo plugging up the first time. I had run out of sockets on a uZeus supply, so add a new flying busboard cable, but in my hurry plugged it in upside down!

When I first plugged in the Mutant Bassdrum all the LED's lit and some magic smoke appeared. Disaster d'oh! It was only plugged for a couple of seconds and amazingly when I re-plugged correctly and adjusted knobs to get a sound, it worked.

Something that may have been a result of this damage is that if I had the tone, decay and BD lvl controls all the way up there was a very harsh "crack" sound, which wasnt a distorted normal signal as such, but a different 'bad' sound.

Any ideas where I might start?

(oh one other thing is if I accidentally plug a trigger into the clean output, the ENV light flashes with the gate and there is some output from the distorted out, but just a pulse, no decaying sound)

(on a positive note I finished the Mutant HiHat last night and that zings along happily making crunchalicious ghetto housey beats sneak would be proud of, switches make it really playable)

I spent a while going through the module yesterday.

1. I tested all the didoes, resistors and capacitors. They seem to be resisting and capacitating happily (?). One diode gave a slightly odd reading so i took it out, it was tested in circuit, replaced it with a fresh one.
2. I swapped all the IC's out one by one and it made no difference. (didnt have enough spare IC's to do a complete swap.
3. I tinned the header pins to make a tighter contact. No change
4. I re-blobbed every solder joint in case of dry joints. No change although I seemed to have knackered the purple LED's in the distortion section doing this. I replaced them and the distortion section came back.
5. I prodded bits of the circuit with jack carrying a trigger signal. If prodded the 2nd pin down on the left header if you're looking at the PCB with jacks and pots from the front(see pic below), the bassdrum triggers, all the controls work and the level seems about right. ALso the decay trimmer works correctly.
6. It was late so I went to bed.

I'm not too hot at reading traces on PCB's so don't really know what point 5 is telling me. Is the socket knackered? Which component could be out? I guess I dodged part of the circuit but am not sure which bit seriously, i just don't get it

I'm having this exact same problem (identical symptoms) - anybody have any idea what thd problem could be or where to look?
I did get much response here so posted over in music tech diy

Ive not got it resolved but am waiting to get fresh transistors and try replacing them, see how that goes...
edit : wrong thread sorry
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