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Possible any sound card to use as cv?
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Author Possible any sound card to use as cv?
I read this on Gearslutz:

[quote]You can output DC from any soundcard even though it hadn't got DC coupled outputs. There are many ways to implement that, but you always need one extra output for generating the "common" difference signal (so an 8-output audio interface could output just seven CV's). You can use either phase or amplitude difference (same thing in this case) between the two outputs of some AC signal (guess the higher the pitch the better response time). Then you need an extra hardware DC coupled difference amplifier stage (components for it will cost about $10 including the PSU and case) which just "calculates" the amplitude difference between the two signals and outputs the CV, and there you go. Calibration should be a piece of a cake. Any VSTi developer could program that kind of plugin in a day or two (depending how much time you will use for the GUI design) - for free[/quote
Seems to me if it were that easy, you'd have fewer people saying one has to use particular interfaces. I don't have any idea what any of that is talking about myself, so my own choices are limited. But if someone knows enough about electronics and has the skill to do the engineering, then yeah, I guess any interface is usable. Hell, I guess a toaster is usable.

To me it's like the people who, when Volta and Silent Way were first released, were asking why bother paying for this when "all you had to do" was program a patch in Max. Sure, thanks, but I need to go make some music.
MrBiggs wrote:
Hell, I guess a toaster is usable.

If someone builds a toaster-to-CV interface, I will buy one.
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