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A Systems - Doepfer Ribbon Cables
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Author A Systems - Doepfer Ribbon Cables
Hi All,

I'm currently building up my first modular system. I want to get a number of A Sys modules and put them in a Doepfer suitcase. How easy would it be to make the a-sys to doepfer ribbon cables? Not sure what the connector would be yet..?

Thanks, Dan help
Roycie Roller
Hi Dan,
you can buy Doepfer converter thingo's that turn your A.sys power cable into a Doepfer one. I'm pretty sure they're real cheap. You can get them at Analogue Haven- you'll find them in Doepfer section of cases & power supplies. I don't have a link though unfortunately. Hope that helps- Roycie
Thanks Roycie,

Yip, i know you can buy them. I can get them straight from A.sys for £8.00 each. Thing is I'm currently building my first modular and want to fit 6 or 7 A.sys modules into a Doepfer G6 case. The cost builds up! I'm sure they would be easy to fabricate, i just don't have one in front of me to see what parts are used..

The ribbon cables consist of following:

1) A ribbon cable (d'oh)
2) One or two DIP-style connectors, 16 pin IIRC: these are connectors that allow you to insert a ribbon cable on the top and connect into standard DIP style IC sockets which ASys uses as power connectors. At least RS95e has two connectors since it has two separate boards that need power, many of the other modules have just one.
3) One Doepfer-style 16 pin flat cable connector for connecting to the bus board

The process of fabrication would roughly be as follows:

1) Attach the ribbon cable to the Doepfer-connector as it is, red stripe on the -12V side
2) Cut off the Doepfer CV/gate bus wires from the ribbon before the ASys side of the connector, they shouldn't lead anywhere
3) Separate the -12V wires from the others in the ribbon cable
4) Push down the wires to the correct pins in the DIP connector: there are labels on the ASys PCBs of which voltages and pins go where. IIRC you just need to twist the -12V to the other side of the connector and align the rest of the cable correctly next to it (possibly leaving a gap).
5) Use a meter to test that all the wires lead from the Doepfer connection to the right pins on the ASys board to make sure you haven't messed anything - you wouldn't want to blow the modules up.

I haven't made adapter cables for my ASys modules myself, but I had to fix my RS95e adapter cable (third party, not ASys made) since it had a little problem. I took notice of how it was built and it's easy if you're just careful. The VCA and ADSR I also have official adapters which are basically built the same way.

Hope this helps. If there's any other info I can give, just ask - I don't have the modular in front of me right now but I can go check the cables out at some point.
Oh, the process I described is for building a whole cable from the Doepfer bus board to the ASys module. If you just want an adapter that connects to the stock ASys cable, have a look at this:

It's basically a short Doepfer power ribbon that connects to a 16 pin DIP socket where you connect the ASys cable. You'll just have to connect the pins between the socket and the ribbon the correct way - see the schematic / pin config linked from the text on above page.
good stuff here. where is a good place online to purchase ribbon cable and appropriate connectors? None of the shops around me carry them.

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