PLEASE READ: The PM System (Yes, it's working fine actually)

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PLEASE READ: The PM System (Yes, it's working fine actually)

Post by Muff Wiggler » Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:07 am

This comes up now and then, sometimes I get messages saying people were having problems with the PM system, when it's actually working fine.... the one here is a little bit different from what you may be used to on other phpBB boards. Please let me explain -

The perceived problem is that 'messages aren't being delivered', ie. the user sees it sitting in their 'outbox' but it never gets moved to 'sentbox'.

There is a strange 'feature' to the PM system here that is responsible for this behaviour - there's been quite a few threads about this in the 'site stuff' subforum, and I've noted it in a few threads, but obviously not everyone reads them.... so I hope this post will help clear things up.

I have made a modification to the phpBB forum code that makes it INCLUDE the FULL text of the PM within the email notification that is sent when someone receives a PM. Most phpBB forums send a notification email that says "you have a PM - click here to read it". My notification say "You have a PM - here it is.... <pm text here>, click here to read it at the forum, etc."

I find this very handy as I personally receive 40-60 PMs a day from the forum - and I spend about 80% of my life travelling, so most of my interaction with the Internet is through my BlackBerry (life-saving device, that). I find that getting to read the contents of the PM in the notification email saves me absolutely incredible amounts of time.

However, as handy as this feature is, there is the one quirk that the forum does not know if you have read the PM or not when you read it in the notification email body - thus for the sender it remains in the "outbox" appearing unread unless the recipient actually reads it within the PM system on the forum itself.

It also causes a problem that only I notice - many many people reply to the PM notification email - which goes to me. Even though the address it originates from is "do-not-reply @ {this domain} .com". And when they do reply to this address, there is an auto-respondant that emails them explaining what they have done, and that the intended recipient will not receive their reply, they must use the PM system on the forum to send the reply.

Hope this all makes sense - a bit of a mouthful to explain it all actually! But rest assured the PMs are all delivered, and most likely read - most users do seem to read them in the email body and not in the PM system.

If there is a problem delivering the message, you will receive an error message or error code when you press the "Submit" button. If you see the standard message stating that the message has been sent, you can feel safe and confident that it has been delivered to the user.

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Post by giorgio » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:54 am

would be kool if you you could reply to PM's via that e-mail. but otherwise, I enjoy this feature.


Post by sandyb » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:55 am

giorgio wrote:would be kool if you you could reply to PM's via that e-mail. but otherwise, I enjoy this feature.
fyi - you can do this using the email feature opposed to PMs.

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