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Noob general questions
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Author Noob general questions
phase ghost
Hi guys, pardon my extreme noobness in regards to electronics. I'm going to try and build an 8-step sequencer based on Arduino. I'm a programmer, so the code portion of it is no problem.

I've been reading a lot of the links post in the sticky reference thread at the top of the page. I've got a basic understanding of what different components do (resistors, diodes, amplifiers, etc) and have done some of the exercises for figuring out total voltages using ohm's law. I can follow some of the simpler schematics as well.

My problem is I don't really understand why things are set up the way they are. I visit some of the sites that have demo projects, but they pretty much just put up a schematic and say build it. I'm trying to understand why resistors are placed in certain places in a schematic and why they need to be that voltage. Maybe they're explaining it and I'm just missing it. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial that says "an 100k resistor goes here to do something".

Again, pardon my noobness we're not worthy
i'm no expert in designing circuits but i debug them regularily

resistors are used to condition voltages and impendances between processing blocks as well as other things. the processing blocks could contain opamps, transistors or other IC. the specs for their particular tolerances are all within the datasheets for the components. capacitors are used to smooth signals, remove dc and more. diodes are used for voltage drops and limiting reverse voltage. and on and on, it is a deep pool.

these video tutorials are good

if you want to begin i would recommend getting a bredboard and a copy of the forest mims book and start playing with simple circuits
phase ghost
Thanks for the response. I've read allaboutcircuits front to back over the past week. It's been very helpful. I've actually been going over the tutorials on the arduino site some more and it's starting to click a bit more how everything is wired up.

This site was exceptionally useful in describing how things worked in detail:

I'm starting to figure out that raw voltage needs to go thru a resistor. As you stated, determining the voltage that each component requires, will determine how the voltage is processed...or something.

Time to read some more.
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