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Acid Mothers Temple US Tour
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Author Acid Mothers Temple US Tour
AMT & MPUFO are coming through for their annual US Tour. Any fellow wigglers planning on hitting them up at the Ottobar (Baltimore) on 10 April? I'll be there for sure, just got the time off work approved we're not worthy
cool, caught them with gong (as acid mothers gong) in tokyo a few years ago, it was amazing!
Suburban Bather
Just looked these guys up. I'm definitely going w00t

For about a year, an underground rave promoter ran the Ottobar. Crazy times hihi Now the Ottobar is just another venue in B-more.
Oh man, are you in for a freaking show! I've caught them the past two years at the Ottobar, and they just tear shit up.

[edit] There are a ton of free shows up on, if you want to hear what their live set sounds like.
i saw them a couple of years back, such a good show. nearest they are coming to me this time is 5 hours away, and on a monday... guess i won't be going. i can't believe they're not playing atlanta this time...
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