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Mick Harris (Scorn, et al)
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Author Mick Harris (Scorn, et al)
Strangely, there is no (afaik) M.J.Harris appreciation thread here. So let's fix that.

Massive influence. Amazing artist.
I'm continually amazed by the people I meet who have never heard of Scorn, but are obviously (one, twice, thrice removed) indebted to his heavyweight contribution to electronic music.

Anyway, let 'er rip.

Yep, still listen to Evanescence pretty regularly!
Plan B is amazing. i have a playlist w/20+ tracks w/o titles from various albums that i love.

i love his style and vibe. simple but such groove and punchy. the early stuff was on MPC i think so it has that swing/shuffle whatever.. magic.

Yep Plan B is massive. Tears the head off any modern "dubstep" stuff.

Fond memories of listening to Gyral for the first time, thru my massive 15" Cerwin Vega speakers, off my head on NYE about 16 years ago. Instant convert SlayerBadger!

Sad to hear that he's basically given up music, for personal reasons.
IMO he never got nearly enough recognition.

Huge fan. Gyral and Ellipsis were in constant rotation in my CD player back in the day. COIL's "Dreamspace" remix is still one of my favorite things ever recorded.
Well I hate to hear that he has given up music, because he (Scorn) was still on my bucket list!

I remember the first time I bought one of the Scorn albums, I bought it thinking it was something else, and upon listening to it, I was like what the fuck is this?!?! (But in a good way!). That was really back in the days before you could just jump on the internet and find out all there was to know about artists..... I've bought just about everything he put out under the Scorn moniker, including some on both vinyl and cd. Great stuff.
If it's Mick Harris appreciation time, I was very into Lull in its day. I listened to Cold Summer many, many times in a row. Still sounds good to me.
GGW wrote:
If it's Mick Harris appreciation time, I was very into Lull in its day. I listened to Cold Summer many, many times in a row. Still sounds good to me.

here too. I have Cold Summer, Dreamt About Dreaming and Journey Through Underworlds. I also have him and Bill Laswell 'Somnific Flux' (2 copies - I love this one).
Huge Scorn fan here as well. Greetings from Birmingham is one of my favorites.
Totally. I remember when Imaginaria and Greetings came out, that ferocious bass was such a departure from his previous stuff, blew my mind.
Hermetech Mastering
I only have Zander but TBH am not a huge fan as is just too repetitive. What would be a good next album to go for? His FB feed used to be well funny. So vitriolic, in a humorous way. smile
IIRC I think I liked 50% of the stuff on Zander. Some killer tracks on it, and also some filler

For deep, narcotic dub vibes, Gyral is a classic. Pretty much every track is awesome.

Logghi Barogghi channels early jungle filtered through Mick's unique, scathing sense of humour. Sparse and skeletal.

That later stuff, starting with Imaginaria Award and Greetings from Birmingham (2000 and onwards) are grimy, aggressive/paranoid, boom-bap raw samples and analogue synths post-dub/jungle. Predated dubstep by many years (while being influenced by the distorted 808s of jungle), and in my opinion represent what that genre could have been had it not been picked up, pimped, date raped and wrapped in plastic by the edm mainstream.

If you subscribe to a digital streaming service, I would suggest just playlisting all his stuff on a system with good soundstage and low end extension (I know you have one), and kicking back for a while.

(For sure there is some filler on most albums, I tend to skip tracks that outstay their welcome, but artist doesn't have those? I know of none.)

While I'm in fanboi mode, gonna post this (don't normally like the full album shittube quality posting, but yeah)

Will either do it for you, or not. But the cheeky wobble funk of "Still On" (Trk 3, ~7:55). Gold.
Hermetech Mastering
Cheers man, will check out the first two you mention and also give Zander another go!
I'm quite a fan too.
I saw him live 4 times, and always deeply enjoyed it.
I like the way he's keeping following his unique path while constantly evolving.
Mood, atmospheres, production, sound, space, anger, it's all here, in it's own vibey way.
Lets not forget The Weakener

And Total Station

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
mick we're not worthy

one of my favorites:

Carl Hungus
STK with a good suggestion. I was religiously into MJH 20 years ago.

I would recommend Logghi as the one go to album. Gyral is great, but very much of the times, eg quite murky in its production. Mind blowing 20 years ago but if you're coming into it now I think I might be a bit disappointing.
Zander is mostly good, but he started losing me after that.

Of the same period the first Quoit album Lounge is his take on the emerging DnB scene and is still worth a listen. He hadcommented that he wishes he spent a bit more time fleshing out the atmospherics on it but I think he did a fine job.

Personally I think Refuse Start Fires is worth a listen as it wipes it's ass with all this dub step shit, and shows you that he was one of the granddaddies of that sound. The album is newer, but you can hear his progression from Logghi onwards.

Colussus and Evananescense are worth it too, and I would say the latter is more important than Gyral for establishing the ambient dub genre. I would wager anything that bands like Massive Attack and Portishead were listening to that record when it came out. I do feel Scorn lost something when Nick was asked to leave. The circumstances of his departure make it understandable but still, it was a great record.
The remix rerecord it spawned has a great COIL track on it, and some early Autechre as well.
The most fun on that remix record is the Meat Beat remix that cheekily brought Mick's Zoviet France sample to the forefront, as Jack knew exactly where that came from. Ha.
I got one of these
saw him a few times and was involved in a chat on facbook awhile ago
He was working for some Uni or something like that

Yes! MJH is the man! Let's not forget, he's an ill drummer too. Basically invented the blast beat - a staple in grindcore & metal.
Carl Hungus
Unfortunately, was a great drummer. That kit got sold on eBay about ten years ago.

Napalm Death blast beat factory was sold to some ebay douche. Fucking travesty.
With you on Logghi, I was obsessed with that album for ages. Always will have a soft spot for Gyral cos it was my introduction to Scorn. It could certainly do with a sympathetic remaster to bring out the depth I reckon.

Also, he'll yes to Mick's blasts SlayerBadger!

Suburban Bather
Love Mick Harris/Scorn we're not worthy You should also check out Eraldo Bernocchi. He's done a few projects with Mick and is like minded on the dark and hypnotic beats

I have a large chunk of the Scorn catalog. Love all of it w00t

Just stumbled on this cover. If you like the Deliverance album, you need to hear this.

Stealth is a good album. Over compressed IMHO, but still awesome! I really don't have any major complaints about any of Scorn's material. Yeah a lot of it can be repetitive, but I'm usually doing something like cooking, cleaning, or whatever while listening. Great stuff all around whether its the early metal/dub stuff or the electronic beats.

SCORN Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana
Huge fan here as well ! SlayerBadger!

I think the guy is responsible for my "This bass doesn't have enough SUB !!" feeling in my own productions. twisted

I almost saw him live... almost. seriously, i just don't get it
I had the ticket, only to learn he decided to stop making music and canceled the tour. If he had decided that only the gig after, I would have attended his last live performance. very frustrating d'oh!
A whole thread about the Scorn guy and just one single mention of Napalm Death? The most interesting thing about the whole thing is the transition from grind-metal to electronic music. Godflesh is another case in point.
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