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Conventional vs Electron flow diagrams
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Author Conventional vs Electron flow diagrams
phase ghost
So, are people here creating diagrams with conventional or electron flow diagrams. Being new to electronics and not knowing that there was a difference at first, I found myself getting quite confused while researching different topics.

I can tell now which version is being used fairly easily, but I'm curious what most people are using. My first guess is that the conventional style seems to be more popular.
You don't really draw the diagram differently for electron flow. It's more about thinking about the signal direction differently.

I suspect most people (me included) think in terms of flow from positive to negative rather than the electron flow (negative to positive).

But I could be wrong.
most schematic symbols have been designed so that conventional current flow makese sense. For example a Diode looks like an arrow that points in the direction current can go.

It does not matter whether you analyse a circuit by conventional current or actual current direction since it will yield exactly the same results. You just need to be consistent.
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